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Nothing Reveals A Fool Like The Willingness They Have To Share Their Wisdom …

I know what you’re thinking, that post above is a joke.

Has to be, doesn’t it?

Probably posted by a comedian who did it to set up the premise of their act which is about how ridiculous it is some men who think they have the right to control, blame or judge women for their own tragic, delusional and illusional bullshit.

Except – as you guessed it – it isn’t.

It’s true. It’s bloody true.

And while I could use this post to highlight the bullshit of religion – and America’s religious right – I’m not going to.

Not because I’ve suddenly become mature, but because Owen has done it all on his own.

Instead, I am going to talk about the other thing he is demonstrating … something many people, religious or not, are doing … and that is confusing opinion for intelligence.

A long time ago, I wrote a post about a line that featured in the movie about Margaret Thatcher featuring Meryl Streep.

It was this …

“Everyone prefers to feel these days instead of think. Why is no one thinking anymore?”

Now I – as anyone who knows me, knows – am a big believer in ‘feelings’ and yet even I agreed with the point she was making in that statement.

And I think that’s kind of similar to the point about some people mistaking opinion for intelligence.

This belief that just because you think it means everyone should feel the same.

Acting like an all-seeing guru.

The Yoda’s, Yoda.

My god … the lack of self-awareness is incredible. But it’s not simply because these people live and interact in a very tiny bubble – surrounded like minded sheep – it’s also because they refuse to be open to the lives, contexts and considerations of others.

God, there were so many of these people in China.

Predominantly white, Western men … who would immediately think and act like ‘they knew best’, regardless that they’d never been to China or – if they had – had only interacted in Western contexts.

Oh the shit they’d spout …

The blinkered ignorance they’d spew.

From talking about twitter in a nation that didn’t have it … to saying Asian women would not buy expensive lingerie because they only buy things that show status to society to telling Chinese business people how to sell their products in China, despite it being their very first time in the country … you name it, I heard it.

I used to call it ‘the generosity of stupidity’.

And while it is easy to laugh at them – and people like Owen, with his misogynistic, sexist bullshit – the scary thing is they attract audiences and we’re to blame.

You see we think it’s so obvious they’re ridiculous that we don’t need to call them out on it. But the problem is, this feeds their belief they’re right and before you know it, they come out with tweets that suggest a women wearing leggings is an act of sexual temptation.

Worse, an act of sexual temptation that is entirely the woman’s fault, regardless of the fact they’re just wearing some leggings because they’re comfy or stylish or it doesn’t matter what the fuck the reason is.

Which is why I think we should all follow the advice of Peter Mensch.

Peter is one half of Metallica’s long-term managers and when I asked him what he thought his job was, he said this:

“I’m paid to tell them the truth. They might not like it, they might not follow it, but it is my job to ensure they know the reality of the situation they are going into, based on 40+ years of experience working at the highest, most demanding, most successful standards of music management”.

Or said another way …

When you meet people like this, if you don’t deal with them, you’re complicit to them.

And while some may say that is argumentative and aggressive approach, I’ll leave you with something my Dad used to tell his young lawyers about the importance of dealing with issues head on.

“Nothing shows respect like providing a client with inconvenient truth”.


No post tomorrow as we celebrate the wonderful Matariki … so see you Monday.

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religious pricks go on about being kind to your neighbour then fuck them over by telling them how shit they are and what they need do to get to god. if thats how the almighty is, he or she or it can suck the fat one. except they cant because they dont fucking exist.

Comment by andy@cynic

Yes x 100.

Comment by Jemma King

Apart from the news you are having another holiday, this post is good. People’s belief they have a right to tell others how to feel, think or live is astounding. They are also the first people to tell others to keep their opinions to themselves when faced with the same behavior.

Comment by Pete

Well it’s a national holiday – and it’s the first time the nation is celebrating it – so I am kind of innocent.

But yeah, amazing how people who tell others how to live hate to be told what to do. Also known as old white man syndrome … with the religious variant being particularly fragile.

Comment by Rob

Did you push for a national holiday?

Comment by Pete

Your dad was brilliant.

Comment by Pete

That’s a line that deserves to be in a movie.

Comment by Bazza

I now know why Rob always used “inconvenient” as a measure for clients commitment to whatever they said they were committed to. Stolen from someone else as usual.

Comment by Bazza

On brand.

Comment by Pete

Hahahaha … yep. Guilty as charged.

Comment by Rob

Owen should be made to wear tight leggings so everyone can see how small a man he is.

Comment by Bazza


Comment by George

Having listened to some of his podcast, I’m not sure the truth matters to him or his audience. The distinction here is not between feelings and truth but faith and truth. He and they don’t think there’s a difference even though there clearly is.

Years ago, I went to an Alpha course at a local church because I was interested in what drove people to attend. There were various answers in evidence but the one that didn’t matter was the truth – otherwise the first lecture about the historiography of the bible would (contrary to the course’s intention) have shattered their faith. It didn’t.

Peter Mensch is right when you’re dealing with people who are open to truth. When it comes to religion, you’re not. Calling them out is admirable, but it’s not going to change them.

Comment by John

what the fuck is an alpha course?
does it turn you into a religious jock?

Comment by andy@cynic

It’s an evangelical course that first showed up in the UK at some yuppie Kensington church in the 90s. Rebranded bible classes essentially with free meal thrown in each week.

Comment by John

Was it curiosity or the free meal that attracted you John?

I remember my Mum telling me my Dad was fascinated why so many people joined ‘the Moonies’ … so he invited them to their flat to chat to him.

Apparently he peppered them with so many questions they chose to leave after 4 hours. Hahaha.

Comment by Rob

No. I didn’t know about the meals beforehand. I was, as ever, in search of an explanation of irrational behaviour.

Comment by John

This view is not as rare as many may think. They also don’t care what others think. They believe they are enlightened and are being generous with their “advice” and see resistance as ignorance.

Comment by George

funny they dont think its generous when people tell them theyre talking shite.

Comment by andy@cynic

Another man who believes pretending to care can disguise their hatred of women.

Comment by Mary Bryant

It just occurred to me that while you rightly condemn this guy for interpreting folklore to promote his misogynist views, you’re nonetheless quite happy to take a day off predicated on the alignement of random stars in the heavens.

Comment by John

and campbell has been pulling this shit off for fucking longer than genderboy has been podcasting his shit. cancel campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

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