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How To Bite The Hand That Feeds You …

The management team at Metallica asked me a while back if I’d give a presentation to a bunch of music execs about ‘artist strategy’.

They said they wanted me to explain how I work with them, how I approach my job and what some of the work we have done together has manifested itself into.

So I pulled a presentation together, took them through it – got their nods of approval – and prepared for the talk.

When the time came, I found myself on zoom at 12am Auckland time … presenting to 200 odd record/band executives in London, NY and Nashville.

Despite looking so tired I probably resembled a Zombie, all went very well and I was happy to answer questions.

One of the people in attendance asked how much ‘power’ I have over the artists actions and decisions.

Despite the reality being absolute zero – and, nor should I have any – I replied that I had a hidden slide that could best explain my influence, to which I showed them this …

At least I found it funny.

And – to be fair to me – it’s a fair reflection of the actual power I have over the band.

Though I appreciate I probably have just sent myself to the ‘where are they now’ dungeon … even though I’m going to try and justify it by saying nothing is more rock n’ roll that smashing up your career. Ahem.

Thank you Q and M for not just putting up with me, but still involving me in this stuff.

My wife has ‘had words’ with me regarding my professionalism. Ahem.

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if you had balls youd have used comic sans. you fucking wimp.

Comment by andy@cynic

👏🏻 👏🏻

Comment by George

why have you not been fired yet campbell? not just by that shit band but by jill?

Comment by andy@cynic

I still don’t understand how you can keep getting away with things like this.

Comment by Pete

That question has been asked for as long as I’ve known Robert.

Comment by George

3 insults.

This was a popular post wasn’t it, hahahaha.

Comment by Rob

And yet they still invite you to represent them.

Comment by George

Did I miss anyth

Comment by John

Just read forest have a huge match today. Good luck, you need it. ; )

Comment by DH

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