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Peak Career …

I know I’ve only been at Colenso a few days.

I know I’ve had a career full of a variety of highs.

But recently, I achieved something that will never be surpassed.

You see I was asked by a music management team to put a ‘credentials’ together for another band they may want me to work with.

To help with that, I asked if they would be able to send me something that described how working with me was.

I got this.

Not just a brilliant statement. [Ignoring it’s an insult]

But signed.



Best credentials slide. Ever. Fact.

Though what is slightly worrying is I’ve been called an “asshole” by Richard Branson and Dan Wieden. Mind you, if I can get them to do the same thing for me, I will probably win – or be banned – from every piece of business forever.

Happy weekend … it’s been a hell of a great week.

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I never knew I could like a band I don’t like so much.

Comment by Bazza

I know … it’s pretty special isn’t it.

Comment by Rob

tthis would be funny until you remember the din making fucks still pay you. which means the joke is on them.

Comment by andy@cynic

I never knew you could be jealous of an insult.

Comment by DH

And they say drummers are stupid.

Comment by DH

This beats the time Coldplay’s manager told a conference he wanted to have me shot for the article I wrote on his band for MTV.

Comment by Rob

Except he meant it where Lars is obviously celebrating you in his own unique style. Like his drumming.

Comment by George

You are proof that being mean keeps them keen. Your ability to treat everyone the same is a special talent. And yes, that means I am saying you are an equal opportunity mischief maker.

Comment by George

You smoothie.

Comment by Rob

I remember when Richard called you an asshole. Though he said arsehole.

While he expressed it with good nature, you do know this is not the ambition you should have with your clients? Though they all seem to respect you and keep wanting to work with you so what do I know?

Comment by Lee Hill

It worked on you. Hahaha.

Comment by Rob

That is the ultimate credentials.

Comment by Pete

Rick Astley’s changed his look.

Comment by John

That made me laugh out loud. FTW.

Comment by DH

That is a career goal I never thought I would have…

Comment by Nat

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