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The Illusion Of Sustainability …

A few weeks ago, I got a take-away coffee where the design of the cup was obviously trying to look like it had a ‘heat sleeve’ around it.

I get it …

By reducing the use of paper/cardboard, we minimise waste.

There were just 2 problems with this.

1. It isn’t a heat sleeve.

2. You end up burning your hand around the cup.

Now while I appreciate this is still better than claiming to be doing something for the environment while actively fucking it, it’s still not perfect, even if I acknowledge their thinking.

But then a few days later I saw this …

OK, so it also has flaws.

Will you remember to bring back the mug?

Will you be able to drink out of it while you’re walking?

Will you feel comfortable it has been washed previously?

But weirdly I also like it.

I like it a lot.

Maybe it’s because it’s the sort of thing only a community would try to pull off and – after years of living here, there and everywhere, it’s nice to feel part of something.

But either way, it’s got my vote … which serves as a good reminder that the real obstacle to doing something good is whether you actually want to do it or not.

And no Uniliever … that doesn’t let you feel good for producing plant bottles, especially when you continue to profit from the cultural jail and prejudice you put millions of women throughout Asia in. You’re welcome.

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everytime i think youve hit peak shit, you climb another mountain of bollocks. youre saved by the unilever baiting because this it’s unforfuckingivable.

Comment by andy@cynic

The slowest news day.

Comment by Bazza

This comment makes all my hard work worthwhile.

Comment by Rob

Did you leave your nottingham forest cup. No one would steal that.

Comment by Bazza

When you were at R/GA, I tried to get you to come to a start up thing in the basement. You baled for some reason and therefore missed cupclub

Comment by John

Wait. You wanted to go somewhere with Rob? In public?

Comment by DH

Not in public, just in their office.

Comment by John


Comment by andy@cynic

How much time was it that you spent with him?

Comment by John

I’m obviously devastated I didn’t get to go with you to this.

Comment by Rob

Coffee cup packaging design conspiracy. Hold the front page.

Comment by DH

After reading this post, I think you need to lay off the coffee Robert.

Comment by Lee Hill

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