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Remove The Wires …

I recently wrote a post about the situation with youth culture in NZ. How such a brilliant country that does so much right is failing its youth at an epic level.

Not all is its fault.

It is a small country, far from other nations with an incredibly small population so for many brands – especially more youth culture focused – it is a market that offers little profit potential or industry influence so it is a very low priority to go there.

Hell, if IKEA or Amazon aren’t here, you can be sure Supreme etc won’t be.

So what this means is what is in NZ is – in many ways – the very same things that have always been in NZ … resulting in a belief among youth, there’s not much here that is specifically for them, reinforced by the internet allowing them to see what is happening in other countries, which all contributes to a feeling of isolation, a lack of opportunity and pressure to conform.

While this is not the only reason for the terrible statistic of being the number 1 country in the World [per capita] for youth to die by suicide, it is one of them … and when I wrote about this a while back, the beautiful and generous Nils from Uncommon sent me the brilliant poem above by Philip Larkin, which pretty much sums up the issue NZ needs to deal with.

Because whether for protection or control, wires make your World smaller, which eventually will make a smaller World for everyone.


the master of the fucking linguistic metaphor.

Comment by andy@cynic

Isn’t he just. It’s soooooo good.

Comment by Rob

This is a great post Rob. The poem is killer. But I can’t get past no Amazon or Ikea there. How are you coping?

Comment by DH

You last para is brilliant by the way.

Comment by DH

Thanks mate. It’s also so true. I’ve only been in this wonderful country for a few months and there are moments where you can feel it’s distance and isolation. For youth, I can imagine that becomes an intense feeling after a while.

Again, this is not the countries fault. It’s an amazing place. But the people and the systems mean – as I have said before – it allows the nation to grow old rather than grow up which just adds to the lack of choice and options many kids feel their life has to endure. Not all. But many.

Comment by Rob

Incredible poem. Perfect for the issue you are raising. I love how much you care Rob,. It’s inspiring and I hope you are getting the support and traction this tragic issue deserves.

Comment by Pete

It’s been amazing how much support I’ve had. And how many people have reached out. It seems it needs someone to put their views out there for others to follow. Not that I am the first – far from it – there’s a gentleman called Mike King who has been actively pushing for help and support for years.

He has also suffered incredible backlash and governmental obstacles. But what it also says is how one person can make a big noise here by nature of the size of the country and the way everyone kind-of knows each other.

Comment by Rob

You want to fuck Nils don’t you?

Comment by Billy Whizz

Have you seen how beautiful he is? Who wouldn’t.

Comment by Rob

You are a fucking freak.

Comment by Billy Whizz

This is beautiful Robbie.

Jemma xox

Comment by Jemma King

Everything I would want to say has been said. The poem is incredible on its own. When attached to the subject matter of this post, it becomes exceptionally thought provoking.

Comment by George

For purposes of clarity. I want to highlight Billy’s comment is not something I would want to say.

Comment by George

That was a given.

Comment by Rob


Comment by Lee Hill

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