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Not All Heroes Wear Capes …

… but all idiots do idiotic things.

Yes … I know it’s daft.

Yes … I know it was potentially different.

But my god, these are the stupid things that makes this industry fun.

The weird, the wonderful, the daft and the ridiculous.

I get it – it’s unprofessional and immature – but it also connects and unites. Reminds people they’re not in a corporate job. Gives you memories that you still smile about years later.

I’ve seen, experienced – and probably engaged – in a bunch of stuff that represents this.

OK, there’s some I regret – and a couple I can never, ever tell – but the reality is no one ever got hurt and those moments helped create an environment where everyone felt there were no limits to what was possible.

Hell, one of those stupid moments led to an idea where we created a rollercoaster inside a house in Shanghai for Heineken.

And while I appreciate a bunch of you who read this will see it as some bullshit attempt justify acts of stupidity, seeing a plaque made for someone who swallowed a coin creates a much more inspiring and memorable place to work than the the painfully efficient, contrived and soulless, multi-agency brand buildings favoured by so many these days.

Or maybe that’s just me.

Probably me.

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Could there be a better post to sum you up?

Comment by Bazza

I must admit, it does a good job of capturing my essence. Ahem.

Comment by Rob

Is Colenso really Campbello?

Comment by Bazza

that sounds like the shittest Italian restaurant ever.

Comment by andy@cynic

If Rob was the chef, it would be.

Comment by Bazza

On the contrary. While I may be rubbish at many things – especially cooking – where pasta is concerned, I’m a bloody aficionado. Or at least I am where eating pasta is concerned.

Comment by Rob

Is Cam McColl your brother from another mother?

Comment by DH

What am I thinking, you aren’t Cam, you’re the guy who gave Cam the coin to swallow.

Comment by DH

Similar to when Rob turned Shanghai into Wieden+Campbell.

Comment by George

its always a hostile fucking takeover.

Comment by andy@cynic

Not always. But often. Hahahaha.

Comment by Rob

Sounds like you have found your people, Robert.
Or they have found theirs.

Comment by George

also known as the local fucking asylum.

Comment by andy@cynic

Fortunately, not very local.

Comment by John

Don’t get too relaxed John, I’ll be moving back to the UK one day.

Comment by Rob

A match made in heaven.

Comment by Lee Hill

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