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Kevin Chesters On Who To Waste Your Time On …

Yes, it’s another Kev Chesters influenced post.

However, where yesterday was on the power of eating a Viennetta with a teaspoon, this is a bit more intellectually valuable.


To be fair, Kev didn’t even write this, but I saw him post it and I thought it was great … albeit I doubt anyone really thinks this intensely about who they classify as a friend. Which might be the reason we get let down by so many of them, ha.

I remember years ago reading a story about the guy Mr Big – from Sex & The City – was based on.

He had been diagnosed with cancer – terminal cancer – and he talked about how, or more specifically, who he chose to spend the limited time left with.

In essence, he drew a giant dart board and placed him at the bullseye. From there, he systematically plotted where all the people in his life were, in relation to the centre.

Anyone outside of the core ring was told that as much as he appreciated them and knew they would like to see him, he was going to spend his remaining time with others – the ones closest to the bullseye.

It might sound harsh but nothing focuses the mind like limitation of time and when you think of the amount of energy we spend/waste on individuals or activities that are really nothing more than ‘playing the game’ rather than being emotionally fulfilling, maybe this is something we should all be thinking about doing.

Which leads to the piece Kev wrote.

I don’t know if I’d ever practice it, but it’s an interesting way to evaluate things …

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You don’t drink and don’t have a dog. What does that say about you?

Comment by Bazza

Hahahahaha … thanks a lot.

Comment by Rob

But I would trust you with my dog if that makes you feel better. But only if I had exhausted all other possibilities.

Comment by Bazza

But you would let Robert pay for 2 beers for you.

Comment by George

He would be using your credit card.

Comment by Bazza

After your comments on this post, I wouldn’t even use George’s CC to buy you a beer. Ha.

Comment by Rob

Thanks mate. You’re so kind in how you would like to use me for your own benefit.

Comment by Rob

I like this test. It does more than define who are true friends, it enables you to make greater use of your time. We all need that.

Comment by George

Valuing our own time.

Can you imagine if people did that with the jobs that take them away from the people that matter most? I wonder how many people would consider they are getting good value for that time away?

I can tell you, being with the family 24/7 for the last 7 months has revealed how wonderful it is. It’s why I look at 2020 as a good year, while acknowledging my privilege in being able to say that and many people have had a very different type of experience.

Comment by Rob

youre a planner. that means your time is worth fuck all so stop being so fucking precious.

Comment by andy@cynic

Valuing my own time is something I am terrible at. This is a great exercise to help me try and get better control over it. Thanks Rob/Kevin.

Comment by Pete

Is that your way of saying you always do George’s work for him?

Comment by Bazza


Comment by George

This post will destroy your blog metrics.

Comment by John

if youre buying youre failing.
if youre asking youre dependent.
dont people know anyfuckingthing these days?

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by DH

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