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Moments To Be Grateful …

As most of you know, a few months ago I wrote a post about how I had experienced the slow, systematic destruction of my confidence by bosses who had an inherent need to feel in control.

Of everything.

The post caused such a stir that it led to me starting the Corporate Gaslighting site.

While the majority of the hundreds of people who wrote to me were to scared to have their story put online, there are countless examples of management bullying that people have experienced and made to feel was their own fault.

Recently I worked on a project with an incredibly talented creative called Alex Holder.

One night, while sitting together trying to work out how to deal with a particularly difficult situation, we started discussing office bullying and bad management and found we had both experienced it in different guises.

While we both got out of our situations and have been able to move forward, we also know that is not the case for everyone and I told her about Corporate Gaslighting.

She was incredibly supportive of my endeavor and said she wanted to help.

To be honest, many people say that – and while I don’t doubt their intention – often things get in the way of them doing that.

But not Alex.

First of all she sent me a bunch of articles she had written linked to the subject.

Then she pointed people she knew in my direction.

But recently, she has written an article on the subject for Grazia magazine and ensured TheyTriedToKillMeButI.Live was name checked. [See Below]

I am insanely grateful for her support and for doing this.

Not because it legitimises what I am trying to do but because it raises awareness of the issue and hopefully will help someone experiencing this treatment to know they’re not alone, it’s not their fault and there are people ready to help.

Huge thank you to Alex – and Grazia Magazine – it means more than you know.

[You can read it more clearly here]

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Well done Rob. It’s a relief to see your name in this mag for your corporate gaslight work. I feared it might be for your fashion week appearance. That would be a corporate gaslight to the whole of society.

Comment by Bazza

Welcome back.
I see Campaign magazine have followed your lead and created a place for bad experiences to be posted. That it has taken them so long to do this is bad enough. That you can only access it without a subscription 3 times a month makes a mockery of their commitment to the cause. Well done on leading change Robert.

Comment by George

Have they really placed a limitation on access? How ridiculous.

Comment by Lee Hill

theyre a fucking publisher for the ad biz, of course the pricks will try to make a profit from others suffering.

Comment by andy@cynic

Well done Robert. This issue has been around for many years but you are the one bringing it to light and trying to eradicate it.

Comment by Lee Hill

Well done Robert.

Comment by Mary Bryant

if campbell becomes a fucking hero to women because of this it will be time to kill myself.

Comment by andy@cynic

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