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The Best Part Of Me Isn’t Me …

A few weeks ago, Otis – my son – graduated from preschool.

I’ve got to be honest, I don’t quite get the preschool graduation thing.

Yes it’s a sort-of school, but it’s basically long playtime where you get to piss about with your mates – which is a bit like working in adland, but with less alcohol. Hopefully.

Anyway, whatever it is, Otis graduated which means the next stage is him embarking on his journey of real education.

I can’t believe it.

It seems only 5 minutes ago he was born.

But there he was … graduating for the first time in his life.

I don’t mind telling you I look at my little boy with such pride and love.

He has gone through a lot …

Living in 3 radically different countries – exemplified by the above photo shows him born in Shanghai, starting preschool in LA and finishing it all in London – saying goodbye to people of huge significance in his life, having to start things over again and again, watching his Dad crumble after seeing his beloved mum die, going through an operation … and yet through it all, he has approached life with a sense of optimism, mischief, happiness and curiosity that would put many older people to shame.

Part of this is because he’s just a loving and compassionate kid. Part of this is because he has family who bloody adore him. But part of this is the insane kindness and generosity that people around the world have shown him simply because they have watched him grow through my billions of social media pics.

The reality is Otis has brought more to my life than I could ever have imagined.

Not just in terms of love and happiness … but also in terms of lessons for life.

He has made everything unquestionably richer for both his amazing Mum and me and so as I tried not to cry as I watched him get his significant – but utterly pointless – certificate, I felt insanely proud of him.

Not for what he has achieved, but for who he is.

Congratulations Otis, you’re an epic little boy.

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Congratulations Otis. Congratulations Rob and Jill. You have a special and beautiful little boy.

Comment by Mary Bryant

As usual, my wife says it best.

Comment by George

Mary does everything better than you.

We only invited you to be part of cynic so we could get access to Mary’s brain.

Comment by Rob

That’s the reason behind every job I have.

Comment by George

its definitely not because of your fucking brain, looks or generosity is it.

Comment by andy@cynic

Otis also prospered despite having you as his dad. That’s an additional level of success. Though you should feel proud for not screwing him up. He’s a great little boy and I love how much he’s done for you as vice versa.

Comment by Bazza

He’s fortunate his mum is Jill or all hope would be lost.

Comment by Rob

Sarah read this post and said “Otis isn’t the only one growing up, he’s helping his dad do the same.” No one would ever describe you as mature, but the effect Otis has had on you has been profound and entirely positive. It is a treat to read how he makes you feel. Of course I absolutely get it because Amber makes me feel the same way and she is a good few years younger than Otis. Long may it continue for all of us.

Comment by Pete

Thanks Sarah … thanks a lot. Hahaha.

Comment by Rob

good work sarah.

Comment by andy@cynic

Go Otis!

Comment by Jemma King

No … I want him to stay, he’s growing too fast already.

Comment by Rob

your son and wife are the best parts of you campbell. theyre the only fucking bits anyone cares about too.

Comment by andy@cynic

They’re also the only ones people listen to.

Comment by DH

What a delightful post. It brought back memories of my daughter when she was a similar age to Otis. He is a handsome and charming boy. His parents are doing very well.

Comment by Lee Hill

yeeey! thanks for inspiring me on a personal level, too


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