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Trumps Tax Plan Is Genius …

When Trump came to power he made a big deal of lowering tax for everyone.

Of course, what he really was doing was lowering tax for himself – which is weird, given he doesn’t pay any.

Anyway, when I left the country I was still waiting for my tax return to be processed.

A couple of weeks ago, I received this …

Yes, that’s a cheque for $1.

A cheque that probably costs more than $1 to produce.

But better yet, the bloody cheque is void because you only have a year to cash it and that passed on January the bloody 1st.

Given I have another US tax return in the system, I guess I should prepare to live groundhog day in about 12 months time.

You’ve got to admire Trump … he makes big promises that catch the headlines then makes sure they can’t actually happen to which he then blames the people in charge of the operation. The people that he forgets, he is the boss of. Tosser.

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I got nothing so Trump giving you any money makes me hate him more.

Comment by DH

Calm down. I got $1 that I can’t cash. Jeez, between you and Baz, you’re so aggro today.

Comment by Rob

More than I got so quit your whining.
(Though I agree with everything you say about Trump)

Comment by Bazza

That’s because you earn more than the GDP of Canada.

Comment by Rob

At least I work for my salary. ; )

Comment by Bazza

thats all fucking relative baz. compared to campbell, a fucking sloth works for its pay,

Comment by andy@cynic

A return is a return Robert.

Comment by Lee Hill

Your tax accountants are almost as good as Bazza’s.

Comment by John

nice to see the fucking brits are still stealing shit off the yanks.

Comment by andy@cynic

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