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When Chocolate Advertising Left A Nasty Taste In Your Mouth …

So recently I went to a model village …

For those of you not from the UK, that doesn’t mean I visited an example of an exemplary village – one where only happiness exists within the community – I mean I visited a literal model of a village.

I know … I know …

I’ll save the reasons behind why someone would do that – and what I would visit it – for another day, though it does perfectly capture the English eccentricity that led to the Blackcurrant Tango ad, St George, that I wrote about here.

Anyway, while I was there, I saw this chocolate ad from the 30’s or 40’s.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure this is the best ad for a brand I’ve ever seen.

Sure, they seem to suggest that their chocolate has almost god-like qualities for changing a customers mood from pain to pure, unadulterated happiness … but I’m not sure making your customer look like they are like Damien from The Omen is the best way to attract an audience – especially the photos on the extreme left and right.

Look, I like chocolate as much as the next devil child, but I don’t think I want something that suggests after consumption, it will turn me into some sort of beast that feeds off society.

Oh hang on, I do work in advertising.

And Fry’s proudly announce they make chocolate for the King and Queen of England, not to mention the Prince of Wales.

Plus, we shouldn’t forget they were behind that bloody awful ‘Turkish delight’ [I mean the chocolate AND the ad]

Shit, maybe this Fry’s ad wasn’t about trying to attract an audience but simply explain what their product will do to you.

And they say there’s no truth in marketing anymore …

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Have you got a photo of you as a kid as I am sure you look exactly like the kid in the photo. Assuming that’s Damien from the Omen.

Comment by Bazza

Funny, I posted one today – though it was in my ‘sweet’ years, that lasted approximately one year:

Comment by Rob

How did you end up as you ended up?

Comment by Bazza

because he struck a deal with satan around 14.
his purity for keeping a job against all logical fucking reason.

Comment by andy@cynic

To be fair, I wouldn’t turn down a job offer like that either.

Comment by DH

At least advertising said something back then. I’d take lies over the zero story/good production values of today. That turkish delight as is pure racism though.

Comment by Bazza

I remember that Turkish Delight spot. At the time I seem to remember thinking it was a portal to another world and time. Now I realise it was a z-grade, purple tinged, filmed in England, low budget remake of Lawrence of Arabia.

Comment by George

With racial overtones.

Comment by George

Its funny isn’t it …

I bet people believed ads that were obviously lying more than ads today, that are boringly honest.

Comment by Rob

They must have found them more entertaining at the very least.

Comment by Rob

Places with model villages and old British chocolate manufacturer ads on display are surely a Brexit stronghold. What on earth were you doing there?

Comment by George

Yep … you’re so right. For many people, they’re not model villages, it’s a blueprint for how life should be led.

Jill had never seen a model village before and thought they sounded utterly bizarre so wanted to visit one. So we went. And she enjoyed it. Oh dear …

Comment by Rob

thats not as fucked up as jill thinking marrying you was a good idea.

Comment by andy@cynic

Anyone who thought modern marketing created the provocative point of view are going to be very upset when they see that Fry’s poster. Incredible.

Comment by Pete

Hahahahahaha … yes, that’s one way to look at it.

Comment by Rob

I’d love Cadbury to re-run the Flake blowjob ads and see how that’s received
Advertising is mostly a reflection of the culture, I’d love to see what aliens would make of all the bollocks re-targeting

Comment by Northern

Then this website is for you.

Comment by DH

[…] said, as funny as the lady in questions reaction might have been, it does highlight that maybe Fry’s were on the right track with their chocolate ads from the 30’s and […]

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