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As Bad As Monday Morning May Be, At Least You’re Not As Bad As This …

Yes, that’s me.

It’s not totally random because a few weeks ago, the planning department at R/GA held an impromptu Elton John party.

Though I’m not quite sure why we did it to be honest.

Anyway, we went to town with it …

Elton glasses … Elton inspired drinks … Elton boa’s … Elton masks … even an Elton John impersonator.

I’m not sure which was my favourite part of fake Elton’s performance.

On one hand, it was pretty hilarious when he loudly announced through the PA system “Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Elton John to the stage” and then we saw the post room door [which was doubling as his dressing room] rattling madly as he tried to get out without realizing he had to press the unlock button.

Though – all things considered – I probably prefer the moment he ran out of Elton John songs and decided to start singing The Proclaimers. [See the video below]

But back to that photo …

While you might think the sight of me on a stepladder wearing an Elton John mask is the worst thing you can imagine, let me remind you of the time I wore a mask of the Queen for my first ever photo with my son.

See, nowhere near as bad.

That said, I acknowledge it is pretty tragic which means – in comparison – your Monday is far less horrific.

You’re welcome.

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Fucking jesus.

Comment by Billy Whizz

No … just me in an Elton John mask.

Comment by Rob

that is the smartest fucking thing youve ever said.

Comment by andy@cynic

I’ve always admired how you stay in the background and never want the limelight. I’ve also respected how you never force your team to do anything they don’t want to do and absolutely never use their embarrassment for your own enjoyment.

Comment by Bazza

The wallflower.

Comment by George

In all seriousness, you might whip up chaos and mischief wherever you go, but out of that comes creativity, ambition and loyalty. Not to mention healthy doses of trouble.

Comment by George

Funny, someone referred to Otis as that too. Guess he is my son. Poor thing.

Comment by Rob

Funny how a planning department would call an organised party impromptu.

Comment by John

because its campbells group and they couldnt plan their way out of a paper fucking bag.

Comment by andy@cynic

I find you wearing shoes more unsettling than seeing you wearing an Elton John mask.

Comment by Lee Hill

So do I … and I still have 6 months until my feet are able to wear the birkies properly again.

Comment by Rob

No words. None

Comment by Northern

Oh I’m sure there’s at least 2 …

Comment by Rob

Is Andy your Bernie Taupin?

Comment by Northern

The Reg Dwight of Elton impersonators.

Comment by John

you should be fucking arrested campbell for crimes against humanity, music, fashion and employment. youre a fucking menace.

Comment by andy@cynic

Well I’ll never listen to an Elton John song again.

Comment by DH

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