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Premiumness Has Gone Out Of Control …

So recently I was on a Delta flight when I was handed the menu.

I looked at the food choices but there was one thing that caught my eye above everything …

This …

That’s right … a premium heated nut mix.

Yes they were warm.

Yes, they were a variety of nuts in the small dish.

But premium?

Are they referring to the quality of the nut offered or – as I suspect – the ‘status’ that a warm variety of nuts conveys.

Either way, it smacks of utter pretentious rubbish …

Another example of a marketer who wants to appear ‘upmarket’ while actually demonstrating how desperate they are.

What with premium toilet roll, clingfilm and now nuts … maybe we all need a bit of a rest from this status inflation.

I get people like nice things … I get people will pay more for nice things … but the emphasis is on ‘nice’ and if people can’t tell the difference, then you have a problem and I can tell you Delta, I couldn’t tell the difference between your nuts [ahem] and any cheap-ass nuts I can find in a local pub except they were heated and served in a little dish.

Oh hang on, you probably read that ‘experience’ is better than ownership and so the heat and dish of your nuts were your way of offering a premium experience.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha …

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I read the post.
I agree with the post.
But all the time I’m thinking this is another example of you blagging another free biz class ticket to have another free biz class holiday that you claim is “work”.

Comment by DH

At least you can say you are living your brand purpose.

Comment by DH

Nice 🔥

Comment by Bazza

You are all assholes.

Comment by Rob

Does this mean you are the premium heated nut of airline passengers?

Comment by Bazza

Definitely heated. And probably nuts.

Comment by Rob

only nuts youve got campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

The copywriter who used featuring when they meant including really needs to have a good look at themslves.

Comment by John

Classic Dodds. (Unless it’s another John)

Comment by Bazza

There is only one. Fortunately.

Comment by John

The Andrew Neal of blog commentary.

Comment by Rob

for some prick from nottingham, you do a fucking good impression of some upper east side princess.

Comment by andy@cynic

That’s not an impression.

Comment by DH

Good post, but let’s be honest, the tough love in the comments is sort of justified

Comment by Northern

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