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Attention To Detail Is More Than A Set Of Words …

So I recently saw this ad for the new Philips OLED TV.

It’s a beautiful product and – judging by the description – full of fantastic tech to elevate the watching experience.

Or is it?

You see when I read the first line of the copy, I started to have some doubts.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not questioning the quality of a Bowers & Wilkins sound system – they’re incredible – I’m questioning if the rest of the TV matches B&W’s extremely high standards.


Have a read of the copy. Carefully.

If you can’t read it, it says this …

“Sound by Bowers & Wilkins for audio that lives up our OLED standard”

That’s right, they forgot to add the word ‘to’ between up and our … resulting in the sort of grammar you could expect from a 3 year old kid.

Or said another way, close … but not perfect.

I know it’s a small thing.

I know mistakes can happen.

But if you are trying to present your product as the highest of standards, it’s not a great look.

Hell, if they can let a word slip in their advertising, what standards have they let slip in making the product?

Philips may claim they’ve just launched the OLED+ standard … but judging by the attention to detail they’ve given their ad, it’s much more OLED-.

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Fair point but I’m not sure you are the person to lecture anyone over grammar.

Comment by Bazza

But he does know his gadgets.

Comment by George

I don’t know if he actually knows gadgets. I just know he loves them.

Comment by Bazza

That’s fair. But at least my words are better than my maths.

Comment by Rob

your shit is better than your maths campbell. stop bigging yourself up you sad fuck.

Comment by andy@cynic

You can’t talk Baz, this is the TV equivalent of the iphone S.

Comment by George


Comment by Bazza

Nerve hitting accuracy.

Comment by George

Oh I love this petty tech rivalry.

Comment by Rob

sad fucks.

Comment by andy@cynic

Details matter.

Comment by Lee Hill


Comment by John

No one reads body copy anymore anyway

Comment by Northern

with a comment like that, did doddsy finally get to fuck you?

Comment by andy@cynic

Maybe Philips is targeting slapdash people like me
The TV for people who only bother with the big picture
I bet some overpaid research plonker could build a segmentation to justify it somehow

Comment by Northern

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