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If You Want To Be Topical, At Least Make Sense …

Just before everyone broke up for Christmas, I saw this …

Now I get the ‘Out Of Office Is On’ bit … and I even get why they said it in an attempt to be topical to the holiday season … but for the life of me, I neither understand what ‘with the spirit of New Orleans’ means nor what it has to do with writing an out of office email.

Are they trying to say the people of New Orleans are always on holiday?

Or are always sacrificing their work commitments to go and get pissed?

Seriously, what the hell are they trying to say???

I can only assume the creative team behind it had been sampling a bit too much of their clients product because that’s the only thing that makes any sense with this car crash of an ad.

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Oh dear. That’s very bad.

Comment by George

Even now, I still can only describe it as utter garbage.

Comment by Rob

They must assume that most people already know that Southern Comfort is from New Orleans. Wouldn’t be much better, but it would be easier to understand if it just read “with a spirit from New Orleans.”

Comment by trevorlindroos

Really? I don’t think would would make the terrible headline any better.

Comment by Pete

True. The headline is horrible.

Comment by trevorlindroos

Smooth southern comfort extra bold.

No part of this ad has had any thinking put into it. That can onit reflect one of three things. The low standards of the ad industry, the ad industries lack of respect towards their audience or the acknowledgement their work doesn’t work so they can put anything out to tick an internal marketing checkbox.

Comment by Pete

Or all 3 all at the same time.

Comment by Rob

I would rather be known for writing that ad than drink southern comfort.

Comment by Bazza

I think you have your priorities wrong then Baz.

Comment by Rob

I’d accept that insult if it came from someone who drank alcohol.

Comment by Bazza

boom. youre a fucking naaty piece of work these days bazza. almost like you now. for a new macbook pro, i will. you know it makes fucking sense.

Comment by andy@cynic

Putting two prepositions next to each other is not on.

Comment by John

Not even sure what “out of office on,” MEANS…I could almost make sense of this if they changed the punctuation, as in,
Out of Office,
On with the Spirit
Of New Orleans.

But I’m not sure if that was the intent. The colors are nice. =)

Comment by judyt54

You’ve made the art director happy. The copywriter needs meds.

Comment by Bazza

the fucking lazy shit that passes as craft these days means they get what they deserve. this isnt just the copywriters fucked upness, its the cd who passed it and the rest of a client that approved it.

Comment by andy@cynic

It’s as if it was outsourced to an offshore contractor. Awesome.

Comment by Chikashi

The case study might provide some context – the TVC and longer copy support it better.

Comment by New Orleans

Doesn’t stop the writing being lazy and nonsensical and relies on people having watched the TVC which they probably didn’t.

Comment by Bazza

Fully agree – from what I read it was only shown at cinema…further limiting the link for awareness and understanding

Comment by New Orleans

Not one of the posters, with the exception of the one that only features the end line, makes sense. The images don’t reflect the headlines. The headlines don’t relate to the end line. I didn’t even realize the poster images were supposed to be New Orleans until I saw the spot. If it’s confusing for New Orleans it’s even worse for a commuter on a tube to Elephant and Castle.

Comment by DH

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