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Why Facebook Are Acting More Like A Dictator Than A Friend …

Recently my wife found the following picture on her Facebook stream …

Because she’s hardass, she wanted to know what the hell the picture could be, so she clicked on it to discover it was this …

That’s right, a woman breastfeeding.

A woman giving life to a new life.

Literally one of the most wonderful things a mother can do for her child.

And Facebook thought it was potentially offensive.

I’ll tell you what I find offensive Facebook … you allowing a company to steal our data and then act slowly to stop it. Or how about allowing fake accounts to try and influence public opinion. Or then there’s letting groups who openly promote hate use your site to ‘rally members’.

I tell you what I don’t find offensive.

A picture of a woman feeding her child.

For all the talk you give about wanting to help society connect to each other and encourage a better life, I have to say you absolutely suck at it.

This was a chance for you to show what you stand for.

Take a stand for what is absolutely, unquestionably right.

But instead you bottled it – fearful of offending people who make a career out of being offended.

How you can be OK with issues of privacy but not about feeding a child is beyond me … which is why you might need to get out of your Silicon Valley bubble because your values are more in tune with Wall Street than the average High Street.


Well said and well done Robert. How dare they find such a beautiful and natural act offensive.

Comment by Mary Bryant

They’re OK with Russian medling, character assasinating and data selling but not an innocent photo of baby feeding. From what I’ve heard about Zuck in his youth, thus would not surprise any of his old friends and it sounds like he still hasn’t grown up.

Comment by George

If it’s disappointing for me, I can’t imagine what it must feel like to a mother who nurtured her child/children in the most natural way possible. Given how much baby formula brands have tried to make breast feeding look bad for children, I wonder if this decision was more to do with advertising money than a purely ignorant point of view?

Comment by Rob

Adding a conspiracy theory to the deniers of conspiracy theories is a genius act of mischief.

Comment by George

Deniers of conspiracy?

Comment by DH

Hope Otis had a great day yesterday. Though Facebook may find any photos you post of him opening his presents or hugging his parents offensive.

Comment by Pete

He did mate, an indecently good time.

Good point about FB judging his photos, funnily enough they had deleted one I took of him ages ago because it infringed their policy.

He was in the bath.

Comment by Rob

“in the bath” can translate to naked kid, and that can translate to those pervy folks who like to save such images for their own (you should excuse the expression) pleasures. Easy to forget that not all people are parents, and a lot of people shouldn’t even be people.
And photos like this, which offend no one except facebook, can give kiddy porn a whole new meaning.

Comment by judyt54

I hear you … but ‘there are bad people out there’ can be used as an excuse to stop anything. Besides, nothing is more likely to make someone click something than being told it may cause offense.

Comment by Rob


Comment by Jemma

Nope. Not offensive. Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.

Comment by Michael Edits

this is why i fucking dont use fb anymore. and i hate everyfucker.

Comment by andy@cynic

and i deal with enough people i dont want to deal with on this fucking shithole.

Comment by andy@cynic

I believe it was you who made me want to start an Anti-social network way back when…

Comment by Rob (Other one)

You’d think facebook had bigger things to worry about.

Comment by DH

[…] While there’s many reasons we know this is rubbish – from Facebook selling people’s data, to trying to win favour with governments to counter the next wrong doing that is just waiting to be discovered, to trying to get back into China and countless more – the example that always sticks with me was one I wrote about a while back. […]

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