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Nature Still Has It …

So we swapped living next to the beach in LA to living next to a park in London … and because of that, we spend a huge amount of our time there … hanging out while he goes off to explore.

Watching him is awesome.

The way he throws his entire energy and enthusiasm into everything.

From the swings and slides to the way he interacts with the other kids … bonding over nothing but the fact they’re around the same age and want to play.

Recently I caught him at the top of the slide with a couple of kids he had just met.

They weren’t talking.

They were just staring.

At a leaf …

Sure it didn’t last a long time, but for a moment, that single leaf held the attention and wonder of 3 kids …studying its shape, it’s colour and guessing which tree it had fallen from.

No electronics.

No lights.

No sounds.

Just nature showing she still has it … exemplified by Otis looking at it like I look at gadgets.

Long may that continue.

Thank you park.


What a great photo. Nice to see Otis holds court just like his Dad.

Comment by Pete

Though his Dad isn’t impressed with nature as much as he is with wifi.

Comment by Pete

So true Pete. Creating gangs seems to be in the Campbell DNA.

Comment by George

Just what London needs, more gangs.

Comment by Pete

I think my gangs are pretty different to other gangs. Unless you provoke us, then we’re a nightmare.

Comment by Rob

Notorious M.E.H – straight outta complimentary upgrade.

Comment by John

Lovely. As part of my work I’ve recently read about the benefits of playing and learning outdoors, it’s so so important to development.
Also just experienced this by taking my little one camping for the first time!

Comment by Rob (Other one)

Well said Rob. Outdoors is a fantastic place for children to learn and for families to connect and bond.

Comment by Mary Bryant

Otis is such a beautiful little boy. He has gone through a lot of change in such a short time and has dealt with it like a little champion. I know you and Jill have managed all his transitions very carefully and this photo shows he is embracing the new experiences with a happy and open mind. A lovely photo to end my day. Thank you Otis.

Comment by Mary Bryant

Mary said it best.

Comment by George

He is Mary … a little legend. All from his Mum, obviously.

Comment by Rob

I’m glad you know the truth Rob.

Comment by DH

Nature is a wonderful playground. That you have given Otis the opportunity to live next to a beach and a park is an amazing gift. So happy to see you all using it so much.

Comment by George

Well LA was by judgement. London was by luck. But I appreciate the privilege we have and hopefully one day, so will Otis.

Comment by Rob

I know I always loved playing in the woods when I was a little boy. Still do.

Comment by Up In Your Business

Comment by Niko

I adore Otis. I adore your family.

Comment by Marcus

Otis is brilliant. He also ensures no one says anything nasty about you on any post he appears in. You’re cunning Campbell, very cunning.

Comment by DH

otis liking nature is a bigger kick in the fucking teeth to his dad than him becoming an accountant. youre a fucking good kid otis. keep it up.

Comment by andy@cynic

other options to piss him off.
vicar. private school headmaster. wpp ceo. antique dealer.

Comment by andy@cynic

Data strategist or a smiths fan will also work.

Comment by DH

[…] my beloved Otis starting proper school – which literally is screwing with my head – to the […]

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