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See The World From Another Persons Eyes … [APSOTW Assignment]

I know I said there’d be no blog posts till October because I’m busy moving countries [again]. but I thought I could use this ‘empty’ time to set a new APSOTW assignment.

Over the years we have covered all manner of subjects … from validating flag design to pitching new business to developing comms strategy to creating solutions to difficult problems.

But this time we’re going to do something different.

To be honest, it’s less about being evaluated on how you present your thinking and more an exercise on thinking.

Now the thing with thinking – especially thinking where advertising and creativity is concerned – is it rarely can be wrong.

Sure, people can have all manner of opinions on what you think… but it generally can’t be viewed as being fundamentally right or fundamentally wrong.

This is liberating – or should be – which is why I’m hoping as many people as possible will have a go at this assignment.

The actual deliverable is easy.

All you have to do is watch the below clip and tell me– based on what people are saying in the clip – what you think the brand could have said to make their audience care about shaving.

That’s right, all you have to do to take part in this assignment is watch a short film and then send me a single sentence.

That’s it. Easy eh?

OK, I’m not going to deny this is harder than it may first seem.

Part of that is because the clip is about African American men … so to succeed, you have to appreciate the context how African American men live in America.

The other challenge is you need to get your point of view into a single sentence.

That might sound super easy until you remember that single sentence has to also capture the context that makes your point of view so powerful.

[For a clue on how this could be done, click here … even though this example isn’t quite right as it’s based on having lots of additional information, which this challenge does not allow]

The reason for this challenge is 3 fold.

1. It will help your skills in reading subtext.
2. It will help you ability to write a provocative point of view.
3. It will help you make audiences want, or imagine, more from themselves.

As I said at the beginning, there’s probably no wrong answer to this assignment, but to win [and there will be a prize] you’ll need to see something in the conversations within the clip that you feel opens the door to a bigger, more intriguing, more exciting, more resonant point of view for the brand.

This is not about inventing something that isn’t there … this is about seeing something that is, but hidden in plain sight.

While the ultimate deliverable for this assignment is easy, your submission will be judged by some of the toughest, most experienced, most culturally authentic experts in their field, including – if I can convince him to publicly associate with me again – Jason White, the Global CMO of Beats.

So have a go, it will be fun and all you need to do is send me a SINGLE SENTENCE by September 30th to this address.

As I’ve said before, I believe the future of our industry will be built on developing ideas that are resonant with culture rather than trying to be relevant to them and hopefully this will help make that happen.

If you have any questions, please place them in the comments. Thank you.

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I knew it. You just never want us to have a break from you do you?

Comment by DH

I was right. At least it was for this, makes the victory less bitter.

Comment by Bazza

Good assignment.

Comment by George

Is there a limit to the sentence length or can they go on and on like yours?

Comment by John


Comment by DH

ouch John

Comment by Northern

I’m triggered, but e-mail address prompts an error. Is it me?

Comment by Stefan Jenart

Hi Stefan, if you try now it should work. Sorry about that and I’m so glad to hear you will be taking part.

Comment by Rob

Maybe finding the right email was the real assignment.

Comment by DH

no, it was a campbell planning fuckup. as usual.

Comment by andy@cynic

It’s a convenient 100 characters long.

Comment by John

campbell convenience. which means its the opposite of fucking convenience for everybody else. prick.

Comment by andy@cynic

I was going to do the assignment then I saw the emails address and thought better of it

Comment by Northern

bet your return has pushed brexit off the front pages. its still being celebrated here.

Comment by andy@cynic

Apologies if I’m out of line (since I don’t know you personally)


Take care today, boss.

Comment by Niko

Thank you Niko. Really do appreciate it.

Comment by DH

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Hello Rob, a question about the assignment.

It reads like we need to come up with a new thought: an evolution.

“[…] what you think the brand COULD have said to make their audience care about shaving” (Emphasis by me)

But the example you share is an interpretation of the Audi ad: your shot at imagining the brief in its most thought-provoking form.

Are we to interpret in one sentence the essence of the Bevel work like you did with the Audi ad? Or are we to find a way the work could have “make their audience care about shaving” (which means we believe it hasn’t)?


Comment by JCMK

Good question. The Audi example was more about how to present your submission. In essence, the task is to watch the ad and – based on what the people are saying (or trying to say) – articulate what POV you think could have been said that would make men look at shaving in a different way. Hope that helps.

Comment by Rob

What about women?

Comment by John

theyre complex, beautiful and hard to fucking fathom. next question.

Comment by andy@cynic

The real question is how shocked are you he hasn’t written any posts since he left LA?

Comment by DH

Don’t worry Dave, it all starts again on Monday.

And John, the task is built specifically around the ad above – featuring African American men – so while you may be able to construct an idea that appeals to women, it can’t be so bland that it doesn’t really mean anything to anyone.

Comment by Rob

He’s been too busy posting photos of London skies to write anything!

Comment by John

as long as hes not here i dont give a fuck.

Comment by andy@cynic

If making Jill marry you wasn’t bad enough, you make her use her talent to do blog headers for you as well. Don’t worry Jill, I’ve called the cops for you.

Comment by DH

mary poppins 2 looks fucking shite.

Comment by andy@cynic

but brilliant move by jill to cement you and all your fucking favourites in 1950s london. about the last time any of it was close to being semi fucking fashionable.

Comment by andy@cynic

I’ve just stumbled on this blog, but it really is the most narcissistic and egocentric dirge I’ve read in a long-time (at least since Steffan Postaer).
How does this fucker find the time to write such self-indulgent crap?
While at home (instead of spending quality time with wife and kids) or at work, instead of doing some actual fucking work?
As a Brit having lived in the US for the last 25 years, I’m not surprised his tenure in LA was so short.
It’s a meritocracy here and fuckers who try and trade on past glories quickly get ‘asked’ to resign…I hope he gets his shit together before starting over again in London.

Comment by Mark G

who the fuck are you? campbell might be a lot of things but hes a fucking good family man so why dont you shut the fuck up you judgemental trump wannabe prick. you think living in the us for 25 years is an achievement? sad prick. any fucker can do that but whats funny is your statement shows youre the egotistical cock living off past glories, except your glory is no one knows who the fuck you are because youve done nothing and offer nothing. fuck off.

Comment by andy@cynic

What a horrible comment.
You admit you have just stumbled on this blog and yet you feel you can make a character assessment of Robert. This says much more about you than him and for the record, you are wrong with every slur you throw at Robert, including your attempt to suggest he was asked to resign.

Given his track record around the world for agencies like Wieden and Kennedy, I think you will find he will do just fine in London. In future, if you have nothing nice to say then maybe you should say nothing at all.

Comment by George

You know someone hasn’t achieved much when they say their greatest achievement is living in the US for 25 years. Not even a good troll.

Comment by DH

George. Don’t you think someone at google should be able to post a website link that works? Don’t worry, I’ve got you, except I’m not sitting on a sub so I can’t read the whole story.

Comment by DH

george you twat. that would have been a good fucking response if you hadnt fucked it up with shit links. ok youre not hitting the peaks of mark g levels of absolute twat but youre still a twat.

Comment by andy@cynic

Maybe George can earn forgiveness by getting his google nerd resources to track the IP address of Mark?

Comment by DH

and discover the prick works in the coupon department of olive garden. but hes fucking good at it because mark said you dont get to stay in merica for 25 years if youre not.

Comment by andy@cynic

Seems a lot has been happening while I was asleep …

It also seems Mark G doesn’t like me.

Of course he’s never met me, but he has decided he knows me enough to call me a bad father, employee and general human being.


Now while I agree this blog is rubbish & and – you’ll be sad to know Mark, you’re not the first to point this out – I have an issue with the rest of your character review of me, but then you won’t care because this was always about you wasn’t it.

While I’m fine with different points of view, when it becomes very personal without any substance I have an issue with it so as you dislike me so much, why don’t you never come back? I know we would both like that and besides, I would hate for my blog to be a distraction from you continuing your incredible achievement of 25 years working in (my attempt to channel you here, though it could also be Donald Trump) the most competitive, only-the-strong-survive, aggressively progressive nation in the entire Universe. (By the way, it isn’t)

For the record, not that it matters, I chose to leave America – I wasn’t pushed or encouraged to leave – but you’ll be happy to know that if I’d met you while I was there, then maybe I’d have chosen to go sooner.

Comment by Rob

You were much kinder to Mark G than he deserved.

Comment by Pete

Mark made this blog interesting for a second.

Comment by Billy Whizz

campbell. dont get the idea we defended your honour. we just wont let some random prick come in and abuse you when we had to put up with all your shit for fucking decades.

Comment by andy@cynic

Keeping it real.

Comment by DH

Late to this, I’ve never met Rob, but I sort of know that even taking the love of Queen, the love of Queen and the questionable t-shirts the crap thrown in that post was without foundation and pretty stupid
I could let it ruin mu day but I’m about to do a race in a car park and will use the anger as energy. Oh, I just made this all about me, seems I’ve more in common with Mark G than I would like to think.
What a plank. Seriously.

Comment by Northern

You’re going to meet me soon Andrew. Your cunning plan to stay in a different country is now over. Bad luck but good luck with the race.

Comment by Rob

A bike race in a car park I mean

Comment by Northern

Hi Rob, what time is exactly the assignment due? I live in California, so would it be ok if I submit my entry right before midnight PST? because that would be Oct 1 in London by then.

Comment by rickochet

Of course. It’s a global timezone limit not a local one.

Looking forward to seeing it.

Comment by Rob

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