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The Power Of A Point Of View …

So I know yesterday I basically slagged off big ad campaigns by highlighting the cheeky brilliance of the Narcos ambient campaign, but every now and then there’s a big ad campaign that reminds you who brilliant it can be.

Given I slagged BBH off recently for an Audi print campaign, it gives me great pleasure to say the piece of work I love is also by BBH and also for Audi.

Have a look, it’s brilliant.

Love it.

But here’s the thing, if you strip it back, the strategy isn’t that unique.

I’m guessing it would be something like, ‘Road safety is ultimately defined by how you react to how the drivers around you. The progressive and adaptive safety features inside modern Audi’s are designed to help drivers react and respond to the unexpected actions of those around them’.

I bet that sort of thing has been written a bunch of times for a bunch of cars.

But if, as I imagine it, the brief was summed up with something like …

[Audi designs their safety features in the knowledge … ] ‘The roads are full of clowns’.

… then it’s pretty obvious to see how they ended up with work that elevates itself above the usual car safety feature ads.

Of course maybe it had nothing to do with the brief, maybe it was all down to a great creative team, but BBH have always been brilliant at finding great strategic ways to elevate work so I’m hopeful this is a sign that the BBH I have always loved is back to being the BBH that made them so fucking good.

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Great ad, great post, great point about the importance of a point of view.

This has been a positive week of posts Rob. Will it last?

Comment by George

what the fuck do you think?

Comment by andy@cynic

I have to agree with Andy, you’re being way too optimistic. Especially given the length of time we’ve known each other.

Comment by Rob

Show why the product does what it does.

Comment by John


Doesn’t always have to be this literal, but that’s the goal.

Comment by Rob

best bbh spot since those french fucks took them over.

Comment by andy@cynic

Could have been better if they’d addressed Audi’s concern for world hunger as well.

Comment by John

shame campbell ruined it all by buying one of their cars.

Comment by andy@cynic

Yes. But I’m open to them paying me not to drive their car.

Comment by Rob

Always blagging. Impressive.

Comment by DH

ok campbell, brace yourself, im going to give you a fucking compliment. no fucking idea if the brief had that pov, but i agree a pov is fucking important. fuckloads more important than a fucking brand proposition. one makes creative fight for something the other just wants creative to say something. if you want good work you want a pov. if you want to be a bland, egotistical but scared as shit fuckhead, you want a brand proposition. i will never compliment any planning related bollocks again.

Comment by andy@cynic

I agree with all of this. I just never imagined it would be written by you.

Comment by Pete

i forgot to add, “if any creative paid any fucking attention to the shot a planner says”.

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by George

Is it good because it’s good or because the rest of the category is so bad?

Comment by DH

Fair. Though it’s still a lovely way to show their feature.

Comment by Rob

It’s very good and stands out from the clutter of car advertising sameness.

Comment by Lee Hill

True. But what I like about it is that they still made sure it was focused on the car rather than just try and enter the race of ‘philosophical inflation’.

Comment by Rob

So says Mr Philosophical plannerboy.

Comment by DH

Rob, this is a campaign done in India in 2011, is there some similarity here???

they said- streets are filled with idiots!

Comment by Suraja Kishore

There is similarity in concept but not in execution. Like Audi’s are similar to a Model-T Ford in terms of concept but expressed with complete distinctiveness.

Comment by George

Not being cynical but, as greatly executed as this advert is, it’s not exactly an original insight:

Comment by Seiko

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