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Connections From History …

I first started being conscious of Brian Clough in 1978 when he took my beloved Nottingham Forest on a magical journey, the likes had never been seen before or since.

While I never spent any time with him, I can honestly say he contributed to a childhood that is bursting with memories and wonder which is why when I saw a letter he wrote from the year my adoration began, I had to get it.

I totally appreciate some might think this is stupid, but to me it’s a connection to my history.

A connection to where I grew up.

A connection to a place that still means so much to me.

When you’re just 8 years old, what Nottingham Forest did was make my formative football-fan years the most exciting, unifying and pride-filled years you could ever hope to have, and while the last 20+ years have been a total nightmare, no one can ever take those amazing memories from me because, as John McGovern, the Forest captain of the time, said …

“We were like one of those comets you see flying across the night sky. We burned brightly, but it was all too brief. But, boy, did we burn brightly for a while.”

So thank you Mr Clough, you were always with me but now you will always be near me.

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I’m in Kansas.
I’ve been on concalls since 6am.
With the time difference, that means, since 4am.
I know the subject of this post is sad … be kind to me. Please.

Comment by Rob

Why are you in Kansas again? That is as unexplainable as me still reading this blog.

Comment by DH

And even Brian Clough wouldn’t forgive you for this.

How much was it?

If it was more than £1 then it’s even worse value than your wifi cup that tells you what you’re drinking and that’s peak stupid.

Comment by DH

Kansas karma.

Comment by Bazza

fuck me campbell, can you get any fucking sadder.

Comment by andy@cynic

sorry otis, the only thing youre going to inherit is a container of shit even the dicks on storage wars couldnt turn into a profit.

Comment by andy@cynic

You officially have more money than sense.

Comment by Bazza

On the positive, this letter is a cheaper midlife crisis option than a Porsche. Or I hope it is.

Comment by Pete

I understand it Robert.

Comment by Lee Hill

When brands talk about having fans, this should be the picture they evaluate themselves by.

Comment by George

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