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The Best Monday Of Your Life. Unless You Live In NYC …

So the good news is this is the one and only post of the week.

I know … could today be any better?!

You see as you read this, I’m on a plane zooming my way to NYC.

I must admit I’m super excited about it.

Not just because I miss the rush of an intense city … nor because I will get to see friends who I miss very much … but because I’ll be doing two things that are going to be new to me.

One is I’ll be judging the final round of the North American Effies.

The other is that I’ve been invited to talk to design gods, Pentagram.

OK, so I’ve judged the Effies before and I’ve done more than my fair-share of talks, but what’s exciting to me about this is that it’s a totally new context.

The reality is American advertising is very different to the advertising I am used to, make and – to a certain degree – love.

It’s not that it’s bad, it’s just different.

More bombastic. More spell-everything-out. More leave-nothing-to-chance-or-interpretation.

It’s also much more rational and focused on driving immediate sales than creating a position in culture that builds sustainable brand value.

OK, not every brand is like that – and I also know many other markets are becoming more and more like this – but as someone who passionately believes in setting long-term directions, not to mention true culture driven ideas, it’s going to be interesting how I view the results versus some of my fellow judges.

As for the talk …

Well, we all know I can do that in my sleep, but I must admit I’m super excited to be doing it at Pentagram.

For those of you who don’t know, Pentagram are one of the undisputed gods of design.

Literally, one of the gods.

Given it’s not that long ago I was only using the IMPACT I must admit to being somewhat surprised they asked me to come talk to them about my perspective on design, but then I discovered it was less about me and more about the work I’m doing with a certain famous rock band which is why I felt the best way to handle the challenge is to only have 1 image and make that image truthful to what I am sure they’ll leave thinking about me.

Especially when they see my Birkenstocks.

So while I know it’s Monday and you’re probably not looking forward to the week ahead, I hope this post has helped offer you a glimmer of hope for the next 5 days. Unless – of course – you’re based in NYC, and then your week is even darker than you could ever have imagined.

See you next week …

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It feels odd to be in a timezone where I get to comment first.

Comment by Marcus Brown

that’s only because im busy booking flights out of here. worst fucking news to wake up to on a monday ever.

Comment by andy@cynic

but thinking about how much pentagram are going to be violently offended by you makes it fucking better.

Comment by andy@cynic

Pentagram death match.

Comment by Marcus Brown

At least Rob is self aware enough to know he’s a design companies car crash. Unfortunately.

Comment by Bazza

Being invited to talk at pentagram is arguably even more stupid than Dan Wieden hiring him for wk.

Comment by DH

all nottingham fuckers are ex convicts. they make aussies look law abiding.

Comment by andy@cynic

I’m so glad I couldn’t accept the effie’s judging invite.

Comment by Bazza

Being able to do the talk in your sleep won’t stop it being a nightmare for th audience. Boom tish. I’m not here all week. Good night.

Comment by John

When will America learn?

Comment by DH

I’m in NY on Thursday Robert. Will you still be there? I would love to see you and hear what your Pentagram presentation will be about. I’ll drop you a note.

Comment by Lee Hill

fucking crazy.

Comment by andy@cynic

I believe it is safe to say the Effie’s and Pentagram will never have a week like this again. Looking forward to hearing about the chaos you will be causing.

Comment by George

I don’t mind you bringing down shitty ad awards and pretentious design firms but don’t take Metallica down with them.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Didn’t they do that the moment they got Rob to work with them?

Comment by DH

Or napster. Or some kind of monster. Or st anger.

Comment by DH

Are you still alive?

Comment by DH

A beautiful tribute to your mother, Robert.
I hope today is only filled with good memories.

Comment by Lee Hill

Lovely post for your Mum.

Comment by Bazza

amazing fucking post campbell. look after yourself today.

Comment by andy@cynic

Well said Andrew.

Comment by George

[…] I mentioned a few weeks ago, when I was in NY, I was invited to speak at design gods … […]

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