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Details … Details … Details …

Maybe it’s because I’ve broken the screen on my iPhone 7 three times.

Maybe it’s because I work in advertising.

Or maybe it’s because I’m a sad bastard …

But this ad bothers me a lot.

No … it not the terribly contrived ‘real life’ image.

Nor is it the fact 25% of iPhone 7 owners are clumsy fucks.

It’s the fact the company – Tech 21 – make such a deal of being iPhone 7 specialists AND THEN USE AN IMAGE IN THEIR AD THAT ISN’T OF AN iPHONE 7!!!


Seriously why?

Don’t tell me there isn’t a stock shot available because I did a quick look and theres loads of them.

No one behind this campaign comes out of this looking good.

The agency look like they were lazy bastards and the client looks like they don’t care.

Seriously, why should I trust a company about their iPhone 7 protection when they don’t even know what an iPhone 7 looks like.

This sort of thing drives me bonkers.

Literally bonkers.

It’s not hard to get this right.

It’s the least they should be doing.

If I was a competitor I’d absolutely jump on this.

Mind you, if I was at the agency/client behind it, I’d be jumping on people’s heads.

So come on adland, let’s not give people even more ammunition to question what we do and how valuable it can be for business. Seriously, get a fucking grip.

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you only broke the screen so you could buy a new one you sad fucking gadget groupie.

Comment by andy@cynic

I completely endorse your pedantry.

Comment by John

I will save this forever.

Comment by Rob

and why the fuck is the woman in the ad shouting at the phone? shes the fucking idiot for dropping the fragile piece of shit.

Comment by andy@cynic

“Maybe it’s because I’ve broken the screen on my iPhone 7 three times.”

Comment by John

Once is bad luck.
Twice is stupidity.
Three times is Rob Campbell.

Comment by DH

Her table needs varnishing.

Comment by DH

Please tell me you literally mean varnishing and this is not some weird euphemism.

Comment by Rob

I’m not Billy.

Comment by DH

They call themselves tech 21 but sell screens and covers. No wonder Apple still think they’re innovative.

Comment by DH

I’m guessing Bazza will plead the 5th to that too Dave.

Comment by Rob

No comment.

Comment by Bazza

fucking toady.

Comment by andy@cynic

As the saying goes, the devil is in the details.

Comment by Lee Hill

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