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Pepsi’s April Fools Ad Is Brilliant …

Well done Pepsi.

Where so many brands made their April Fool’s ad obvious as hell, you’ve gone with subtlety.

The use of a multi-cultural audience was brilliant.

I loved how you made sure they were all stunningly attractive to ensure minorities would find it even harder to feel like they belong.

Comedy gold.

And then you gave them all incredible creative talent to really rub people’s noses in it.

But not just any creative talent … you have them play Cello’s and use DLSR’s to show they have sophisticated taste as well as cash.

Lots and lots of cash.

You cheeky, cheeky monkeys.

And what can I say about that demonstration!

The most passive, bored-looking demonstration of all time.

Even when members of the crowd are supposedly struck by an overwhelming desire to express their creativity – like that scene from 80’s TV show, Fame – you can’t help but feel their version of self expression would be to play musical statues.

Seriously, whoever came up with that should win an Emmy.

I especially like the way you incorporated the Pepsi colours and logo in so many of those signs to really take-the-piss out of social movements.

Less, ‘stick it to the man’ and more ‘we are owned by the man’.


I must admit, while I was enthralled, I wasn’t sure what the demonstrators were supposed to be demonstrating about.

Sure there was that banging soundtrack going on about ‘live for now’, but surely the opposite of ‘living for now’ is shuffling your feet in a demonstration rather than actually doing something you enjoy.

No wonder they looked so bored and walked like extras from ‘The Walking Dead’.

And that’s when you played your trump card … Kendall Jenner.

At first, I must admit I was confused.

Surely Kendell Jenner is the absolute opposite of raw, youthful energy?

But then you brought us right back into the humour by suggesting she would shun her luxury lifestyle to join a march that no one knows whats for, simply because some bloke with a cello strapped to her back smiled at her.

A bloke she would never encounter in normal life because she makes sure she never has to mingle with the common class.

Get these copywriters writing for Saturday Night Live NOW!

Just when I thought I couldn’t take any more, you upped the game again.

My god, are you insane?

Slowly we see the crowd of about 37 people come face to face with some nondescript Police Force.

I say nondescript, but they’re definitely not American.

Oh no, even you know not to take the piss out of the US Police Force.

I hold my breath wondering what is about to happen.

Then Kendell appears again …

And what’s she got in her hand?

Yes, a Pepsi. A can of fucking Pepsi.

She walks right up to the Policeman and hands it to him.


Better yet, you make it so he takes the can and then takes a swig.

The crowd go wild.

Kendell walks backwards and disappears into the crowd.

What a twist … WHAT A FUCKING TWIST!!!

The 37, blue wearing, multicultural, creative practicing teens weren’t demonstrators at all, they were simply spreading the Pepsi word.

They were like Mormons.

Pepsi Mormons.

Absolutely amazing.

I tell you, this ad shouldn’t just win advertising awards, but also comedy ones.

I bet all of comedies greats are looking at this right now and clapping their hands in awe.

Nothing can beat this. Nothing.

Not even Pepsi’s previous attempt at comedy genius – the one where they linked the Mona Lisa’s smile to their logo design.

OK, so some may say the humour is too subtle, but come on, no one would believe that highly paid marketers and agency creative directors really think this reflects the attitudes and behaviour of modern day youth. I mean, apart from being utterly preposterous. it would be totally embarrassing.

No, this is comedy gold, pure and simple. Even the fact they launched it after April Fools Day is hilarious.

Thank you Pepsi for giving me the best laugh of 2017, though you should know being laughed at is not the same as making people laugh.

Pepsi: the choice for a generation that doesn’t exist.

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They’ve pulled it.

Comment by DH

And apologised to poor Kendall.

Comment by John

what did they fucking apilogise for? didnt they pay her 5 million for that shit?

Comment by andy@cynic

I saw a photo of Kendall modeling today. Seems she’s given up on living for now for now.

Comment by Bazza

Gotta keep the talent happy. Influencers are key to customer-centricity.

Comment by John

They’ve pulled it? Noooooooo.

You’re right about keeping the talent happy, John. Though it’s more celebrity blackmail than corporate understanding.

Comment by Rob

I am sure I recently read the core Pepsi consumer is in their 50s. Attracting millennials may be asking too much, they should try to be relevant to 40 somethings first.

Comment by George

I read that too … and that Coke’s core audience was in their 30’s. I’ve looked for it and can’t find it. Did we just have the world’s first shared dream,?

Comment by Rob

Best post you’ve written in years. Back to your sarcastic bastard best. And the “Fame” link is inspired. If you wrote like this all the time I would enjoy coming here.

Comment by DH

Fame has aged very, very badly.

Comment by George

pot calling the fucking kettle black.

Comment by andy@cynic

I think if we saw a photo of you from the mid-80’s George, you might inspire similar comments from people. Just saying. Ha.

Comment by Rob

It is the best ad for using an advertising agency rather than an in-house operation.

Comment by George

the blame game fallout is going to be a fucking bloodbath.

Comment by andy@cynic

Oh yes … Game of Thrones will be nothing compared to this. Especially if there’s an AGM coming up and people want to know how much money was invested in making them a laughing stock.

Comment by Rob

They should turn it into content. Would be their most popular work since they set fire to MJ’s hair.

Comment by DH

As far as comedy writing goes Robert, this post is excellent.
What on earth were Pepsi thinking?

Comment by Lee Hill

You should ask their planners.

Comment by John

campbells writing is always fucking funny. shame he doesn’t mean it to be 99% of the time.

Comment by andy@cynic

Thanks for the support as usual.

Comment by Rob

I’ve just seen the video I posted has had the music track changed. What the hell? I’m guessing this is because Pepsi pulled the spot, but how did they manage to do this on Youtube?

Comment by Rob

the music was the least of their fucking worries.

Comment by andy@cynic

Doesn’t matter, found the original and re-posted it.

Comment by Rob

The cop isn’t smiling at the end because he likes pepsi. He’s smiling because he’s knows he gets to fuck up those millennials with his big stick.

Comment by Billy Whizz

No one has said congrats to Rob for writing his first topical post. Good. I’m not going to.

Comment by Billy Whizz

It will never happen again.

Comment by Rob

That’s obvious.

Comment by DH

Watch this

Comment by Sofia

Everything is better with an Irish accent.

Comment by Rob

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