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When You Become The Beast You Were Born To Slay x 2 …

Sorry Lee, but seriously … WTF?

You need to tell Mr B to ditch the management consultants and get people who actually know the soul of the brand.

Or at the very least, people who will say, “this is a terrible idea”.

I can’t even work out who this is for …

Most young people won’t know who the fuck the Pistols were.

And the people who do know are self aware enough to know how tragic this makes them look.

I know the history between the two brands but …. nooooooooooooo.

No, no, no, no, no.

And it is underpinned by Mastercard.

The ‘priceless’ people.

How can you all get it so wrong?

Well, I know how … but come on, even Stevie Wonder can see how bad an idea this is.

I appreciate you will have personally had nothing to do with it, but christ on a bike.

I bet you’re grateful comments are still turned off? Hahaha.

I’m genuinely so upset about this, but I am also willing to sort you out. For a price, hahaha.

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