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It’s Not A Reissue, It’s Vintage New …

I bloody love this idea.

If they ever get round to reissuing the movie, I really hope they do it.

Hell, I’d even happily pay to help justify the joke. But I’m strange like that.

That said, I’m surprised Hollywood hadn’t thought of doing this before.

Let’s be honest, their current business plan appears to be ‘remake once popular movies [and some, not so popular] rather than investing in new ideas’. So reissuing the brilliant Groundhog Day but calling it a sequel, sounds like their Holy Grail.

Either way, it would be a brilliant example of how to use a brand idea … because for all the claims out there from agencies and brands about creating ‘big, sustainable, long-term brand platforms, we don’t see that nearly as much as we could. Or should.

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