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If You’re Going To Be Arrogant, At Least Earn The Right To Be That Way …

Recently I saw an interview with a photographer, I vaguely know.

[By vaguely, I mean it, we had a couple of interactions that he would never remember]

His name is Gavin Watson and he’s been taking photos since his early teens.

He’s almost 58 now and over that time, he’s built an enviable reputation for capturing the raw beauty of subcultures people either don’t understand or fear.

The photo he is proudest of is this one …

He took it while on a tube in London.

I think he was 15 at the time and it’s of his mate, ‘Skinny Jim’.


But that’s not what I’m writing about, it’s about some answers he gave in an article in The Guardian.

Have a look at this …

In 3 answers, it says all you need to know about him.

Sure, you may think he is confident and arrogant … some may even suggest he reveals some bitterness in his response … but you’d be missing the point, because when he says, “don’t expect fame unless you photograph stars – and that’s boring as fuck, he’s talking about earning his right to his place in the photography world.

Doing stuff.

Learning, practicing, grafting.

Through highs, lows, tough times, good times.

It’s important because the value of graft is losing its value in a world of short-cuts to fame.

I wrote about this a while ago – specifically the value of graft versus the evil of hustle – but in a World where ‘industry fame’ on platforms like twitter is viewed as an act of career achievement, we need more Gavin’s than those who say a lot, but have created little.

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fucking love gav.

Comment by andy@cynic

i fucking love how it only takes 5 questions to know gav is his own person. whatever the cost or the fucking sacrifice. we need more gavs than identikit central st martins.

Comment by andy@cynic

5 questions? I literally make the same point in my post and say it only needs 3.

Comment by Rob

like i read your shit? and youre wrong, its 4.

Comment by andy@cynic

Arrogance is unwarranted self-confidence. He’s not arrogant.

Comment by John

Being 15 and taking a photo like that would be hard to ignore.

Comment by Bazza

It also explains why Rob is the Tube’s self-appointed voyeur in residence.

Comment by John

The only negative point about my new hero is you “sort-of” know him.

Comment by Bazza

I’m sure Mr Watson denies it

Comment by John

I don’t know him well, if that makes it better.

Comment by Rob

better for everyfucker. especially gav.

Comment by andy@cynic

Much better.

Comment by Bazza

Mr Watson is a force of nature.

Comment by George

I would like to meet Gavin Watson.

Comment by Lee Hill

Thanks for introducing Gav Watson in my life. His attitude and approach is as good as his photos. I’ve ordered 2 of his books already.

Comment by DH

I disagree about him being arrogant. What I love about his answers is I feel he’s just putting people straight. It’s refreshing, because he backs it up by talent.

Comment by Pete

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