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Confidence Is Spelt Beverley …

There’s a lot of talk about confidence.

People who have it.
People who think they have it.
People who don’t have it… but think they do.

The reality is confidence ends up being defined in two parts … the person who thinks they have it and the person judging them if they do.

And while there is always that risk that someone could come over as arrogant, there is something glorious when you watch someone with it in full swing.

Someone who you know has sweated for their craft and skill.
Who has the control and power to achieve at a level few will ever reach.
An individual who never phones it in, even if they could and still be exceptional.

I recently saw a video of the singer Beverley Knight perform the Stones classic, Satisfaction.

It is breathtaking.

Truly breathtaking.

The first time I watched it, I actually cried – it’s that powerful and joyous at the same time.

And while Jeff Goldblum is losing his mind as he watches her – which is beautiful to watch – you know she knows exactly what she’s doing … exactly how she’s impressing and exactly where and when she is showing off.

But it’s not an ego-play … this is simply someone who cares about giving their all. That believes they have a responsibility to themselves to never phone it in. Who wants to show just how good she is … and that is exactly how it comes over.

She’s fierce, audacious and talented as hell … backed by a band who create a platform for her that is more like a catwalk of sonic celebration.

Confidence can be misused.
Confidence can be delusional.
But when it’s real, justified and powerful … you just have to sit back and enjoy it, because it’s something special indeed.

Watch this.

More inspirational news …

I go on my first business trip in 2 years so there’s no more blog posts THIS WHOLE WEEK.

It’s a weird feeling knowing I’m getting back on a plane for work. I used to fly over hundred times a year for pretty much the last 20 years, and yet this 2 year gap has left me feeling very comfortable at home. Maybe that’s more because it represented ‘safety’ in a COVID world but the idea of starting again has really conflicted me. Not for you though … you get 4 days of peace … so have fun and see you next Monday.

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so you have 2 weeks of fucking freebie holiday then get another one. fuck me campbell, prince harry has nothing on you.

Comment by andy@cynic

Be kind Andy, it’s been a day since Rob had his last all expenses paid break.

Comment by DH

its only funny because its fucking true.

Comment by andy@cynic

It’s a hard, hard life.

Comment by Rob

she has pipes and attitude. what a fucking glorious combo.

Comment by andy@cynic

She is amazing. Thank you Robbie.

Jemma xox

Comment by Jemma King

Goldblum’s reactions are almost as brilliant as her singing.

Comment by Bazza

he plays good natured bafoon better than mr fuckng magoo, and that reference is still more contemporary than the shit campbell posts on this blog.

Comment by andy@cynic

What a performance. NBA players don’t have as much swagger as she does.

Comment by DH

What a phenomenal performance.
You have written it up very well.

Comment by Lee Hill

Confidence can be misplaced?

I am all for people working across silos AND employers being open-minded to allow employees transferring their skills across silos…

But the confidence exhibited by Esprit is just…Read the comments. I don’t know the commenter but I agree with her or him.

Comment by WhatHappenedtoHongKong

Yes … 100%

Which is why the way Beverley acts is a demonstration of someone who has it whereas Esprit is a demonstration of someone who thinks they have it but don’t even know what it really is.

Comment by Rob

Also look at their visuals! A stock photo of rainbow in the backdrop of blue sky? Esprit did mention they would have a new brand and new brand identity but their communications doesn’t sync with their upcoming new brand/identity, whatever it is! They call themselves a “fashion brand”, which should have been particularly sensitive to design?

The reason why I give myself the nickname, WhatHappenedtoHongKong, is because (complaints from a dear friend who started her career in Hong Kong then worked in Shanghai for almost a decade and recently went back to Hong Kong to spend more time with her family) the industry standards seem to have downgraded to no standard! The people in Hong Kong can be very resistent to “outsiders”–these include native Hong Kong people who have come back from overseas or other markets. The outsiders are considered as: 1) not familiar with Hong Kong market anymore therefore they are not capable AT ALL; 2) not being able to adapt to Hong Kong again after spending some time, no matter how short, outside Hong Kong…

This is especially true if the “other market” is mainland China from which any experience gained is considered useless rubbish because mainland China is so backward! So the HongKong-returnees experience the same discrimination from the HongKong-lords-who-have-never-left-HK as the foreigners and expats!

Yet, the same group of Hong Kong people above will claim to have “China experience” by covering China market from Hong Kong!!!! (This is also true for those who claim to cover regional APAC markets from Hong Kong.)

Comment by WhatHappenedtoHongKong

WHO have confirmed that the latest variant of the Campbell virus is indeed airborne and poses a systemic threat. Anyone coming into contact with it is advised to take all necessarty precautions. Eyemasks and noise-cancelling headphones are recommended.

Comment by John

it kills by being annoying and repetitive as fuck.

Comment by andy@cynic

Is that the longest you’ve gone without a business trip in your whole career?

Comment by Rob (The other one)

I miss Rob now!

Comment by Rob (the real one)

dont. the jammy fuck will be back again to tell us about his next fucking freebie holiday. only good thing is the fucker will be jetlagged but hell use that as an excuse to have some time off to fucking rest.

Comment by andy@cynic

Enjoy your well earned trip

Comment by Northern

this is ironic right?

Comment by andy@cynic

Rob has good friends!

Comment by Rob (the real one)

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