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Who You Associate With Says Who You Are …

Recently, I received this …

There’s all manner of reasons why this was a surprise to me.

First is the fact that they think my recommendation would do anything positive for their business.

Especially when the reality is it likely would do the opposite.

Then there’s the fact that in the email, they open the door to the possibility I had a bad experience with them. While I accept their attempt to ‘make it good’ is smart, it also means they didn’t specifically choose me as a client of repute, it means they’ve blanket emailed everyone and anyone they can think of.

Which leads to the last – and main – reason receiving this email was a surprise to me.

And that’s the fact I’ve never heard of this company.

More than that, I’ve never rented a teleprompter in my life.

Anyone who has ever seen me present – ie: ramble like a madman – would know this first hand, which means the reason I got this email is because I appear on some weird business database they bought.

So while I would like to help a small business, if they’re looking for shortcuts to success, then they need to know this sort of approach tends to make people enemies rather than friends.

Sorry Teleprompter Rental, maybe you need to change your own script.

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I wonder why they did this? Was it a genuine mistake, did they buy a stolen database of names or do they just think people are so desperate for any form of fame, they will write fake reviews? This is going to keep me thinking all night.

Comment by Pete

It’s a scam. Click the link and you give them more than a fake reference. Why don’t you know this? That’s what you should be spending the night thinking about.

Comment by Bazza

Is it really a scam or just a small retailer who doesn’t realize hyperlinks are a security alarm bell for email correspondence?

Comment by Pete

You are scaring me on so many levels. Go to bed, you definitely need rest.

Comment by Bazza

Whatever the truth, it’s a bad idea. But not as bad as clicking the link to say you will contribute a review.

Comment by George

Their actual website is interesting for a whole host of reasons.

Comment by George

“Celebrity friendly.”

Comment by Bazza

To be fair, it’s just being American!

Comment by Rob

no campbell. entertainment industry american.

Comment by andy@cynic

If they bought a list of you and your lookalikes, they’re going to want their 20 cents back.

Comment by John

i would fucking love to see you use a teleprompter. youd go off course more than a branson balloon flight.

Comment by andyy@cynic

Off course more than a nottingham forest promotion challenge?

Comment by DH

You could do with a teleprompter.

Comment by Marcus

He could do with a lot of things.

Comment by Bazza

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