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This Is How You Make Someone Pay Attention …

So back in the days when I was allowed on a plane, I was flicking through the channels to find something to watch when I came across something that had a proposition that literally screamed to be seen.

Seriously, if all creative briefs had such strong story, we wouldn’t be complaining about the standard of work ever again.

That said, if I was religious, maybe the shows description would put people off rather than pull them in … but then, given the alleged story of Jesus’ Mum, maybe they’d think it was a documentary.

It was a good too, one I would never have watched if that description hadn’t caught my eye.

OK, it’s not as good as the [fake] Dagenham Ford stuff from a few weeks ago, but whoever says copy doesn’t work doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

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So this post is at least 3 months old. Is that what you’re saying? Slow blog day?

Comment by Bazza

I stayed up for this.
Good show though.

Comment by Pete

Given I am the 3rd person to comment on this post after it’s been up for a few hours, it appears this is the most inaccurately titled post ever committed to a blog.

Comment by Rob

You said it.

Comment by Bazza

realising it doesnt stop the fucker from doing it.

Comment by andy@cynic

And then you watched series 5 which presumably has very little to do with the original hook!

Comment by John

Nottingham voyeur reveals preferences. Nobody surprised.

Comment by John

I think where the word ‘voyeur’ is concerned, you own it John.

Comment by Rob

I refer the jury to exhibits 1 through 17,000 – the photos taken by Mr Campbell on various Tube trains last year.

Comment by John

only 17000?

Comment by andy@cynic

what the fuck is that sound i can hear campbell? oh yes, its the scraping of the fucking blog barrel.

Comment by andy@cynic

He must have a lot of barrels.

Comment by DH

He has them because that’s where he puts the dead bodies.

Comment by Bazza

well well.

Comment by Nawaz

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