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Happy Birthday Mum …

Yesterday would have been my Mum’s birthday.

My Mum’s 87th birthday.

That means she has been gone 4 years and frankly, that seems incredible.

So much has happened in that time …

From moving countries twice.

To changing jobs twice.

To selling our family home to buy a new one.

And while I am in a much better place than I was after the tragic days that she died, I still am prone to being hit by moments where her loss is almost overwhelming for me.

I wish she could have met Otis for real.

I still remember her words when I called her minutes after he was born.

I was incredibly emotional and she was so tender towards me.

Making sure I was OK, Jill was OK and Otis.

Asking if the baby crying in the background was her grandson.

Telling me how happy she was and how happy she was for us.

How she loved the name Otis.

And while she was alone in her home in Nottingham – wishing madly that she was with us – she still told me to go and be with Jill and my son because she was the most compassionate, thoughtful person I have ever known.

While Mum saw Otis on video chat, sent me countless emails/SMS’s about him and – for a brief while – was in the same room together [though sadly it was after she had passed away] … the fact is they never were together in the flesh and I would have loved to have seen that happen.

To see her face as he called her Nona.

To watch her smile he wrapped his arms around you and gave her a big hug and kiss.

To look at my Mum reading her first grandchild a story or walking him through the gardens and explaining the flowers or just watching him run around like a tsunami and then look at me with that look in her eye that tells me everything.

How he’s perfect.

How she loves him so much.

How she is so proud of me and Jill.

How happy she is right at that very moment.

That would be the best present for her – not to mention for me – and while none of those things will be able to happen for real, I will think about them tonight when I’m home and giving Otis a big hug and kiss, because while there are many things I can do a whole lot better at, my Mum [and Dad] taught me one thing I am very good at.

How to love.

Happy birthday Mum, I miss you so much.

Hope you and Dad are laughing and holding hands.


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Happy birthday Mrs Campbell.

Your son is a very good and kind man.

Comment by George

Happy birthday Mrs Campbell. (It’s still Sunday here in California.)

Comment by Pete

She would be very proud of who you are and the family you cherish Robert.

This is another in a long line of beautifully open posts about your family. Thank you for letting us share something that is so special to you.

Comment by Lee Hill

Mrs C.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Thanks for the nice words. I know it’s aimed at Mum more than me but even I know she deserves them more than me.

Comment by Rob

Teaching you how to love and be loved was far more important than teaching you maths.

Comment by John

Not knowing maths didn’t see to do him much harm.

Comment by DH


Comment by andy@cynic

My heart just melted. <3 You obvs don't need to hear it from strangers but it certainly looks like she'd be enormously proud. So much love passed down from her to you, and you to Otis.

Comment by Chelby10

Nice one Rob. HBD Mrs C.

Comment by DH

happy birthday mrs c. you were the best thing about campbell. still are. but hes alright. in small fucking doses.

Comment by andy@cynic

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