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There Is No Normal, But There Is A Hell Of A Lot Of Ordinary …

One of the things I hate is when I hear someone say ‘normal’ in relation to people.

What are they going on about?

There is no such thing as normal.

There may be habits or tastes or behaviours that are common, but that doesn’t make the people undertaking them, normal.

Ordinary perhaps … but not normal.

Our industry is obsessed with trying to sell mass.

I get it – clients want to reach as many people as possible – but while it sounds more efficient for a clients marketing investment if you talk about people in terms of ‘normal’, it doesn’t mean it is more effective.

If anything, quite the opposite.

As I have said countless times, we need to stop thinking relevance is the win and start aiming for resonance.

Of course to do that, you have to be comfortable with uncomfortable – and that’s why I think we’ll be seeing terms like ‘normal’ and ‘relevance’ for decades to come.

Until most of us don’t exist anymore.

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Where did this come from?

Did someone call you normal?

You are a lot of things but you’re not normal.

Comment by Bazza

But he can be very ordinary.

Comment by Billy Whizz

I’ll take that given most people would call it ‘tragic’.

Comment by Rob

Well said Robert. Normal is one of the worst passive aggressive statements.its designed to make people oppress their natural instincts to fit in with the controlled behaviour of someone above. Who wishes for a world of normal beyond politicians?

Comment by Mary Bryant

I think many people would like Robert to be a little more “normal”. Typically his bosses and colleagues.

Comment by George

Ain’t that the truth … Hahaha.

Comment by Rob

Well said Mary.

Comment by Lee Hill

Only 4 comments before mine and it already feels like a comment thread from 2009. Weirdly, that makes me happy.

Comment by Rob

Is conformity normal?

Comment by john

Normal and ordinary, hahaha.

Comment by Rob

Comment by John

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