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Careful, Your Manipulation Is Showing …

So a few weeks ago, I received this email …

As soon as I read that first line, I just switched off.

Not because I’m not interested in new business, but because it’s so obvious anyone in business is.

I also don’t like the tone …

As if they just care about my best interests.

Everything about this email pissed me off which – as introductory emails go – is the opposite effect they should have.

I get it’s hard to cold call someone.

I get it’s difficult to grab their attention.

But maybe someone should tell them the secret to making anyone care is getting them to buy rather than just trying to sell.

Or said another way, finding out what your audience need rather than selling them what you want them to want.

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I can save you a lot of time. People only come here for the comments. $1000 please.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Finally something we agree on.

Comment by Bazza

I want to die.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Do you need any help with that?

Comment by Bazza

I’ll pay you the money but only if it means you’ll leave me alone.

Comment by Rob

There is only one thing worse than a sales email and that’s a sales call. But it must work with some people because the their approach hasn’t changed for years.

Comment by Bazza

Funny, I find the emails worse. At least with a real conversation they have to try and find some value for the person on the other end of the phone. But if it’s one of those ‘read the script and don’t pause for any interruption’ then I agree with you … it’s horrific and anger inducing and I say that as someone who did a cold call phone course and – for about 6 weeks – had a job as a cold caller

Comment by Rob

But yes, they must work or they just are keeping their head buried in the sand.

Comment by Rob

There is something worse. When you accept a Linkedin request and then a few seconds later they write to trying to sell their product or service as if you’re now best friends. It is why I stopped using Linkedin.

Comment by Pete

Sales are the life blood of every organisation. But the foundation for building long term success is to focus on needs not sales.

Comment by Lee Hill

But for a lot of industries, they don’t give their sales teams the time to build relationships and just want results immediately. I get it – especially when some products are so cheap that it’s more an impulse buy than something considered – but business is still built on relationships and so giving some time would, I’d imagine, give better results.

Comment by Rob

You should do what Andy used to do and reply with inane and insane questions. If memory serves me, he reduced the number of sales cold calls he received dramatically.

Comment by George

Oh yes, I forgot that … he was doing it before that bloke who wrote the brilliant ‘Timewasters Letters’.

Comment by Rob

Brilliant book.

Comment by Pete

im a fucking innovator.

Comment by andy@cynic

All marketing is cold calling.

Comment by John

No it’s not John. In fact, if it’s done right, it’s the opposite of that. Stop trying to sound like Kevin Roberts.

Comment by Rob

No it’s the opposite of the bad cold-calling of the type you received.

My point is that if people don’t care about brands and aren’t interested in advertising, then it is effectively cold-calling the vast amount of the time. You just have to do it in a way that means the recipient will respond in a positive way on the rare occasions when they’re in the mood.

None of that runs counter to the need to engage with culture, and to think long-term. Or, as you put it, “done right”

Comment by John

i hate cold callers more than i hate planners and i fucking hate planners.

Comment by andy@cynic

What a compliment eh, Rob?

Comment by DH

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