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So Much For French Sophistication …

A little while ago I was in Paris.

I must admit, I love that city.

Beautiful. Stylish. Romantic and yet bustling.

It blows my mind how everyone looks so good.

OK, so that isn’t hard when comparing them to me, but still … they all look perfect even when they’re just in sweats.

Damn them.

But then something happened.

Sure, I was in the most touristy of tourist parts of Paris.

Sure, what I am referring to was written in English, meaning it was aimed more at foreigners than Parisians.

But even that isn’t a good enough excuse for this …

No … your eyes aren’t deceiving you … it’s a bloody gelato burger.

Which means one of only 3 things:

1. The French have lost all their cool.

2. The French think all English speakers are Neanderthals.

3. The French have just declared war on Italy.

Sadly, I think the most likely answer is 2.

Even more sadly, I think they may be right.

And no, I didn’t try it … mainly because I could hear the disgusted ‘tuts’ from my Italian Mum in my head just reading the sign.

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I agree that this looks revolting. But questioning “French cool” would be more provocative if you hadn’t written a post praising “French cool” last Friday.

Comment by George

Good 🔥

Comment by Bazza

He got you there Rob.

Comment by Pete

Damn you George.

Comment by Rob


Comment by DH

You can’t really comment on what is and what isn’t good food when your tastebuds make your fashion choices look good. I’m still trying to.get over that chip shop food BOM. You subjected me to in Nottingham and that must be 10 years ago.

Comment by Bazza

I don’t understand what this message means but I think it is thanking me for the kebab cob special I gave you from Nicks in West Bridgford. You’re welcome.

Comment by Rob

That looks revolting.

Comment by Pete

stop looking in the fucking mirror then.

Comment by andy@cynic

The chippies on the Algarve aren’t run by Portuguese so why do you assume this is a French business?

Comment by John

Why do you assume it’s not John?

But it gets worse, I just discovered there is one of these in Fulham and guess what they’re advertising … yep, those bloody ice cream burgers.

Comment by Rob

I didn’t. I just questioned your assumption. Turns out it’s a company called amorino set up by two Italians.

Comment by John

look at doddsy trying to pretend he wasnt being mr fucking passive aggressive. twat.

Comment by andy@cynic

You’re on excellent form today Andy.

Comment by DH

Bloody hell, I’m actually in the midst of persuading a client to play with one her brands’ french food credentials. Think I might quietly back peddle. This is worse than tea lattes.

Comment by Northern

I’ll send you my invoice.

Comment by Rob

then ill send you my fucker campbell. you owe me more than fucking all the pricks who fund the republicans have in their bank accounts.

Comment by andy@cynic

[…] Carvery in Slough, so I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised … but if I thought the French selling ‘hamburger ice cream’ was an act of war, then this should be all out nuclear […]

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