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Another Landmark Moment Of Daddyhood …

So today is my last post for over a week as I am off to the US [again].

And while that news might make you happy, today makes me happy for totally different reasons.

You see later today, my wonderful little boy, Otis, takes part in a theatre production.

For the last few months, he has been going to a drama class with other kids his age … and to say he loves it, is an understatement.

He comes home singing songs.

His vocabulary has noticeably evolved.

He’s using his imagination in new ways.

He is even projecting his voice to new levels.

Though on this last point, there are some disadvantages given Jill sent me this text as they were sat on the bus on their way to pre-school last week …

OK … OK … you can wipe the smiles off your faces now thank you.

I know it’s just a kids show.

I know it will be a bit ramshackle.

I know there may be tears and laughter.

But that’s what makes it brilliant.

Not from a ‘I get to laugh at a bunch of kids’ sense, but from a ‘look at those kids discovering the impact they can have on others’.

But of course, from a personal perspective, seeing my son express his creativity while being part of something bigger is going to be a massive thrill.

Quite frankly, I don’t care how he performs as long as he enjoys himself.

He wanted to do this – there was absolutely no push or pressure from us – and so all we care about is him having fun and seeing his parents support him.

That said, I hope it’s not like the first ever performance I did.

Christmas 1976.

The school nativity play at Heymann Primary School.

I was a rabbit. OK, not a pivotal role, but one that gave valuable context to the other ‘actors’.

However just before I was due to go on, Mrs Staples – or it could have been Mrs Berry – asked me to swap jumpers [Mine was a white one with red stripes in boxes, where hers was pure white] for some reason with Rebecca Baldwin.

After that last minute change, I went out on to the stage to a packed assembly hall full of parents sitting on very small seats trying to jostle their way to the front so they could snap off a few pics with their cameras.

Now imagine my pain – as I looked though my rabbit mask – seeing my parents proudly looking at Rebecca, thinking it was me.

They did this through the whole play and I can still see the look of shock on their faces when we took off their masks and they saw their little boy had become a little girl.

To be honest, if that happened with Otis, I’d probably find it funny … but overall, I am incredibly excited to see him perform today. Seeing him happy and free is one of the most beautiful things in my life. It’s why the schooling thing is quite hard because British schools are pretty strict and we want one with a much greater creative syllabus.

But we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it …

Most important for me today is to see my little boy have the time of his life, which – as I’m sure most parents will agree – is the thing we wish for them most in the World.

What a great way to head off out on a business trip.

Thank you Otis.

See you in 10 days.

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I love you Otis. 💛

Comment by Jemma King

Me too.

Comment by Rob

first person to comment? you better be so hungover you dont know what youre doing or youve got big fucking problems to deal with and big fucking questions to answer from me.

Comment by andy@cynic

Otis is my hero.
🚌 🗣💣

Comment by Bazza

Damn you!

Comment by Rob

Oh Robert you are in for such a treat.
Give Otis a good luck hug from all of us.

Comment by Mary Bryant

I will Mary and see you this weekend.

Comment by Rob

And those photos of Otis are delightful.

Comment by Mary Bryant

Otis bus comment is exactly the sort of thing you would do. You would likely still do it now. Nice to see you might have some competition in the mischief stakes. This is a beautiful post by a proud dad about a great little boy. Enjoy the show both of you.

Comment by George

I don’t know if you’ve just massively complimented me or insulted me … but thanks for the nice words at least. Ha.

Comment by Rob

If you need help working it out, I can tell you.

Comment by Bazza

I hope Otis reads this post when he’s older. It’s really lovely Rob. I am sure it will be a special day for both of you. Looking forward to seeing you this weekend.

Comment by Pete

God I hope not because he might reading other posts then and any respect he will have for me will be gone.

Comment by Rob

Hope to hear more of Otis doing theaters and plays in the future!

Comment by Freeman

when he reads your love letters to the size of your best friends horse cock you will have a lot of questions to answer. frankly i dont know why the fuck jill hasnt been asking them.

Comment by andy@cynic

Please don’t become a stage dad Rob.

Enjoy your performance Otis.

Comment by DH

his arse is the size of a fucking stage.

Comment by andy@cynic

i fucking love you otis. keep giving your old man more of the shit hes put me through for the last 30 fucking years.

youre a little star and thats before you slayed them with your performance today. if you have time, you should tell the audience what your daddys arsehole smells like. i know theyll be as glad as the fuckers on the bus but not as happy as me.

Comment by andy@cynic

How did it go?

Comment by George

Saw the photos on insta. Looks like it was a great success.
Well done Otis.

Comment by Pete

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I hope Otis’ performance was spectacular and many happy years flowed. In addition, I wanted to congratulate you on the anti management abuse program and site you have set up. It’s very good and you deserve a lot of praise for.taking this issue on.

Comment by Lee Hill

Thanks mate … I just hope it makes some difference for people.

Comment by Rob

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