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Majority Cruelty …

Given we’re are in throws of Christmas parties, I think this post is possibly very relevant.

A few weeks ago, I was at Liverpool Street Station when I saw this woman …

People were sniggering at her and I could tell she was getting upset so I went to her and said …

“Excuse me, I just want to say you look fantastic”.

Fortunately for me she didn’t call the police for breaking the cardinal London commuter rule of ‘DON’T TALK TO STRANGERS’, instead she said thank you and then explained she felt a bit silly dressed up for a Halloween party among all these business people.

I told her to ignore them because they were all dressed as depressing sheep to which she turned around, looked at a bunch of the people who had been looking at her and said – very loudly – “fucking sheep”.

While this may be one of the proudest moments of my life, it quickly turned into feeling slightly unnerved given I then got on the same train as the people she insulted whereas she went somewhere else.

But the thing is the way people were looking and acting towards her was horrific.

These weren’t drunken, young idiots, they were sober, middle and elderly business people … and yet they ganged up on her for their own amusement because she was dressed differently to them.

For someone to do that – even if they’re going to a party – is a big deal.

It is an act that makes them very vulnerable … they’re literally letting their day-to-day guard down and exposing themselves to the mercy of the mainstream so the last thing they need are a bunch of the majority showing no respect – or worse – downright distain at them.

We talk about wanting to encourage creativity and openness in the World, but we suck at it.

Whether it’s being part of at a creative review or watching someone dressed for Halloween … we need to start by accepting what they’re bringing to the table is very personal and showing it to others for their judgement makes them very vulnerable so whether we like what they’ve done or not, we should never just dismiss it just because it doesn’t suit our tastes.

Openness means being open to possibilities, not negatively judging with a smile on your face … so I hope Ms Colourfuljoyness went on to have an amazing night and may she wear whatever the fuck she likes going forwards.

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Well done Robert. Not just for what you did but for reminding us how quickly we can positively and negatively affect others.

Comment by Lee Hill

He’s good at that isn’t he? But when you meet him for the first time, you think he’s only good at one of them and it’s not positivity. Sorry Rob, but you know it.

Comment by Pete

Fair cop.

Comment by Rob

best comment youve ever fucking made planner pete.

Comment by andy@cynic

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Robert Campbell, the most sweetest, cynical man in adland. You’re a good, good man. (Except to clients and colleagues who aspire to mediocrity.)

Comment by George

The sweetest cynic is a good description.

Comment by Pete

That sounds weird to me. Especially when it’s about me.

Comment by Rob

All these good deeds won’t get you a sainthood. You’ve got 40+ years of mayhem to make amends for.

Comment by Bazza

That + is very important.

Comment by Pete

Thanks gents. Thanks a lot,

Comment by Rob

youre forgetting his past life as satans assistant.

Comment by andy@cynic

I thought you were supposed to keep your identity secret?

Comment by Rob (Other one)

This good deed is learly a pent-up reaction to all the sniggering about your clothes. You’re welcome. #positivity

Comment by John

calling campbells shit clothes is giving him false fucking hope.

Comment by andy@cynic

I’ve seen you in worse looking clothes Rob.

Comment by DH

who fucking hasnt.

Comment by andy@cynic

Excellent interruption.
Were you wearing a Def Leppard xmas jumper and Birkenstocks?

Comment by Rob (Other one)

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