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Something To Think About On Your Monday …

Don’t let Monday kill you. Let it make you feel alive and then go after what the hell you actually want to do …

I promise I’ll try to sound less like Oprah tomorrow.

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I like the quote more than your Oprah impression. But I have always assumed if you did try to be Oprah, you’d do it through things like that quote.

Comment by Pete

He described his Weigel/Campbell school thing to me as a self help group meets a boxing ring. Now I am starting to understand what he means.

Comment by Bazza

Now that sounds like Rob. And Martin, from what I know of him.

Comment by Pete

Both of those feature the exploitation of the participants via a raft of false promises.

Comment by John

thats advertising for you doddsy.

Comment by andy@cynic

Should I be alarmed Robert?

Comment by George

I am.

Comment by Bazza

To be fair, so am I.

Comment by Rob

The Gary V of advertising. I despair.

Comment by Marcus

The Gary VW Diesel.

Comment by John

If writing my new novel feels to me like a punch in the face, then it’s gonna feel like a punch in your face if you read it. That’s like karma or something. That doesn’t have to make sense. It’s Monday.

Comment by Up In Your Business

there is nothing more fucked up than campbell trying to inspire people. the only thing he inspires me to do is drink.

Comment by andy@cynic

If you need reminding you don’t want to die, just say. Happy to help.

Comment by DH

take a number.

Comment by andy@cynic

I did. It’s number 14,337,429

Comment by DH

Am I allowed to admit that I like Oprah …

Comment by Bryan


Comment by DH

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