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A Novel Approach To Winning Fans …
October 16, 2018, 6:15 am
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Nottingham Forest.

God I love that team.

Despite 20 years of pain and suffering, I am a lifelong fan all because they decided to be amazing when I was a kid.

And yet, despite the long, long trend that means the likelihood is they’ll ultimately disappoint me, I’m super hopeful this season.

We have a good owner, who actually knows how to run a football club.

We have a good manager, who actually knows how to make a team work.

We have good players, who actually have skills that can turn a game.

The impact of these 3 things has been huge on the fans of the club.

More positivity. More belief. More hope.

Of course, it could all go tits up and I end the season even more depressed than I normally am … and I’m slightly concerned that’s also what the Forest hierarchy are thinking, because – as you can see from the picture above – it has come to my attention that our new ‘away kit’, has more than a passing resemblance to a Hooters girl outfit.

Are the owners making sure they will still attract fans if the team fail to get the results … even if the fans are a bunch of neanderthal assholes?

I guess we’ll find out in May.

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thats because theyre a bunch of tits.
im going to bed. this is too fucking depressing.

Comment by andy@cynic

We might be at the end of the season but right now we’re a bunch of footballers. Trust me, after 30+ years of horror, this shocks me way more than it will shock you.

Comment by Rob

That is hilarious.

Comment by George

When design goes wrong.

Comment by Pete

Based on the hooters I went to in nottingham, the notts forest players are better looking.

Comment by Bazza

Didn’t they used to say Nottingham had the most beautiful girls in England? Or was it the most women to men ratio? I can’t remember, maybe neither or it was the local tourist authority trying to drum up visitors.

Comment by Pete

If someone said it, they were lying.

Comment by Bazza

Even their local newspaper says its a myth.

Comment by George

Both of those were myths when I was growing up … nice to know George has just annihilated them.

Seriously, first we lose Raleigh bikes now this …

[And don’t go blaming the Evening Post George … though they also need a good telling off]

Comment by Rob


Comment by John

Two instittions well past their sell-by date.

Comment by John

This is the strangest post you’ve ever written.

Comment by Marcus

That’s saying something…

Comment by Rob (Other one)

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