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Queen Know Music Is Still A Business …

Yes, this is about my favourite band, Queen.

Yes, I know they aren’t really a band anymore and – to be honest – some of the stuff they’ve done in the last 15 years has made me cringe a little bit, but that aside, their music from Queen to Hot Space [I don’t have as much of an issue with it as most Queen fans do] are still albums I hold dear to my heart.

Anyway, as many of you may know, they’re producing a film about the life of Freddie up until the Live Aid concert.

I get why they decided that was the cut off date, because apart from it being arguably their pinnacle moment, he apparently had not yet discovered he was HIV positive so it allows the film to focus on his glory, not his pain.

Anyway, recently they released the teaser trailer for the movie and I have to say, it’s epic.

Not just because of how good Rami Malik looks in the role of Freddie.

Nor because of the bizarrely accurate voice of Brian May.

And not even because of the spectacular stage sets and fashions.

No … it’s because of the fantastic sound design.

Just like when they performed at Live Aid, the band know the best way to get people interested in the movie beyond sad fucks like me, is to remind them how many songs of Queen they know and like.

By mixing some of their biggest hits seamlessly together, they have increased the odds of making a movie about a man who died 27 years ago interesting to people who were born 27 years ago.

That’s pretty impressive, especially for a band that is almost 50 years old.

A band where the guitarist will be 71 years old in a week and the drummer 69 years old in about a fortnight.

[Not forgetting Mr John Deacon, who will be a young 67 in August. And looks it]

Now I know the trailer doesn’t really say anything and – I am still petrified it’s going to end up feeling more like a ‘Lifetime Movie’ than a Hollywood blockbuster [especially with all the issues the production has faced] – but I have to admit I have watched it so many times and been in awe every time … especially the bit between 11 and 16 seconds, where you see the different ‘looks’ of Freddie in concert, because I remember some of them from when I saw the band live.

Oh god, I’m even more pathetic than I thought.

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Have you seen the second trailer? It might not be as good as the first but it’s not terrible yet. There may be hope for this movie yet.

Comment by George

To keep their career going this long is more of an achievement than most agencies have achieved for their clients. Maybe you should talk to them about heading up a Queen ad agency.

Comment by George

I’d go with Rob to see this just so I could laugh at his squeals of delight.

Comment by DH

It would be worse than when my youngest saw Bieber.

Comment by George

do not put fucking ideas like that in his head george. what the fuck are you thinking. first it was trying to make a nike car or some shit now hes going to make a fucking metallica agency because even queen have got better judgement than to let him anywhere near their fucking legacy.

Comment by andy@cynic

I hadn’t seen it. Bit more of the story in this one. The acting looks a bit ropey in places but overall I’m still cautiously optimistic especially as the way they are remixing the music and recreating the stage sets is awesome. But I might be biased.

Comment by Rob

it looks like a fucking hallmark movie with a bigger budget.

Comment by andy@cynic

They make money better than they make music.

Comment by DH

Arguably that is the case now. But when they were poor, they were making incredible music, hence the moral of the story is poor makes your creativity rich.

Comment by Rob

so youre admitting youre creatively fucking empty then are you?

Comment by andy@cynic

Targeting the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel audience.

Comment by John

also known as residents of her majestys prison.

Comment by andy@cynic

I assume you will be getting tickets for the opening night.

Comment by Lee Hill

This film’s writer, Anthony McCarten, said at Hay Festival that he’s currently writing a film about John and Yoko.

Comment by Justin Lines

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