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Drop Box Fell On Their Head …

So recently I was served this ad by DropBox …

Look, I use DropBox and I find it useful but in all the years I’ve used it … I’ve never once thought it had unleashed my creative energy.

It’s an internet box.

To send/store files.

To others.

If that’s unleashing creative energy, then opening a banana is unleashing your creative energy and I’m pretty sure it’s not unleashing anyones creative energy.

And yes, I really did write ‘creative energy’ that many times in a single sentence.

Look, I get people want to make their brands interesting.

I get ‘creativity’ is one of the buzz words of the marketing community.

But please … all this is doing is making a mockery of themselves and marketing as a whole.

DropBox has a valuable role.

DropBox has a bunch of uses … from making it easier to steal office files when you leave a company to sharing information with your mates in an instant.

The only creative energy it unleashes is the creativity of your password making skills.

So stop it DropBox, own what you do because you do it well and there’s a lot of ways you could explain it that doesn’t make you sound like a bunch of sad sods. Especially when you say creativity in the most boring looking ad I’ve seen in ages.

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How much creative energy do you need to drop something in to a dropbox? And did they think that dropbox sounds like a posh way of saying garbage bin? Unleash your creative energy then throw it away. They’re the opposite of creative energy. They’re working at FCB.

Comment by DH

And why are so many ads appearing on your blog? Have you sold out to companies with zero taste and judgement?

Comment by DH

media departments showing their fucking brains and proprietary tools again.

Comment by andy@cynic

I don’t know. I certainly haven’t asked for it … not because I wouldn’t say no to ‘free cash’, but more because I don’t want the shame of offering ads on my blog and finding out no one wants to advertise on it. Even though I would totally get why … both for content and audience reasons.

Comment by Rob

you would be inundated with fucking queen memorabilia shops and birkenstock stores. and shit wifi gadget companies. as shit as that sounds its better than what you write everyfuckingday.

Comment by andy@cynic

I think they’re trolling you by suggesting that your creative energy is such a rarity that you need to store it somewhere safe before you can unleash it.

Comment by John

he should be getting ads from a plastic container not fucking dropbox.

Comment by andy@cynic

whoever chose those fucking colours for that ad released their creative energy out their ass. dropbox: release your creative diarrhoea.

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by DH

Now that’s creative direction …

Comment by Rob

Airdrop all the way.

Comment by Bazza

I am impressed with your corporate toadiness Baz. Is it bonus time?

Comment by George

fuck me florence, im almost proud of you

Comment by andy@cynic

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