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Favourite Days …

Can you remember some of your greatest days?

I don’t just mean the big ones, but the ones that should have been a ‘normal 24 hours’ but somehow turned into something different.



Jill recently sent me a photo that captures one of those days.

Yes, that’s me watching TV.

More specifically, watching Forest.


Playing Arsenal.

In the FA Cup.

Fallen giants versus FA Cup holders.

Championship team versus Premiership establishment.

Managerless versus longest serving manager.

And we won.



More than that, we won in style … so much so that a blind Arsenal fan, who was at the game, expressed that he had finally found a positive to being blind because he didn’t have to see how much Forest bossed Arsenal on the pitch, but only hear it.

But as much as that is most definitely a big and memorable event, that’s not what made it seminal for me.

It’s that little head resting against my body on the sofa.

Yep, that’s Otis.

Watching the game with me.

His first ever football match.

Where his Dad’s beloved Nottingham Forest, won.

Now I appreciate this isn’t the same as when I was a kid and started watching Forest.

Back then, they were not just winning against the champions, they were the champions.

First of the league, then of Europe and beyond.

Their success cemented my love of the reds … taking it beyond just geographic loyalty and into more personal identity.

And even though they have fallen so far from those heady days – where they have had 26 different managers in the time Arsene Wegner has been boss of the gunners – I still love them and hope this match, where Forest secured an unlikely yet thoroughly deserved victory in front of a 3 year old living in Manhattan Beach, means he will love them too.

Maybe I’m being massively unfair on Otis.

Maybe I’m setting him up for a lifetime of disappointment.

But then, when you hear stories like this that come out of matches like that, it does teach you that the events of the past don’t have to dictate the events of the future if you commit to always doing your best.

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Did you watch Forest lose 2-0 to Fulham together as well? Or the 3-0 loss to Preston. Or the 2-1 loss to Hull? I don’t think one result against Arsenal is going to win Otis over. For his sanity I hope not.

Comment by Bazza

Please say you had to look those results up rather than knowing them.

Comment by DH

No, we avoided that. Or should I say Otis did … I was in despair.

Comment by Rob

You can tell you’re in America with commentary subtitles.

Comment by Bazza

Yes … what is it with that?

Comment by Rob

you sick bastard. dont worry otis, im calling child service.

Comment by andy@cynic

I think Jill has done that already.

Comment by Rob

Saint Jill.

Comment by DH

that blind arsenal fan is comedy gold. better than every fucking super bowl ad but not as good as tom brady fucking up his throw in the last 2 minutes.

Comment by andy@cynic

The ads were more disappointing than being a Nottingham’s forest fan. That sums up how bad they were. The game was good at least.

Comment by George

You’ll be able to read my review of them as the lovely fools at PSFK have asked me to write them an article.

Comment by Rob

Proof trend companies can’t see a thing.

Comment by DH

It’s a major decision passing down a team to a child, I’ve avoided this by passing on different sports instead. The boy is cyclist, the girl is a swimmer (and lethal brown belt)..;couldn’t bring myself to suggest Leeds United as a viable pastime

Comment by Northern

id rather be a fucking republican than a leeds supporter.

Comment by andy@cynic

Well Leeds are even worse than Forest so I understand your concern. Fortunately you didn’t pass on your taste for bright pink cycle shoes either.

Comment by Rob

Guessing this won’t be one of Otis favorite days.

Comment by Billy Whizz

A lovely photograph.

Comment by Lee Hill

The sins of the fathers?

Comment by Ian Gee

[…] years – and especially the last 5 – it’s feels really good to have a team that is occasionally in the news for the way they’re playing football rather the way the terrible ex-CEO was playing with the club and it’s […]

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