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Why Differences Are Brilliant …

One of the things I absolutely love is when you hear a perspective on something that you never thought about.

Something that makes you stop and reconsider what you thought you know.

Not that it means your original perspective was wrong – as I’ve said before, there’s rarely a really wrong answer, just lots of degrees of right – but you just feel your eyes have been opened to something that you thought had no way of surprising you.

It’s like a revelation to me.

The reason I say this is because it happened when I read this interview with a bouncer …

Now maybe you’re thinking his statement was massively obvious, but I never looked at bouncers that way.

To me, they were there to stop trouble and maintain order.

Oh … and to look menacing.

[Except my best friend Paul is sometimes one and he is the opposite of menacing]

However, after reading “If you’re too drunk you’re not going to buy any drink”, I now realise their actions are as much about securing the profitability of the business as it is securing the reputation and environment of the premises.

In essence, they’re more than bouncers, they’re business managers.

Now of course, you could say this is a classic case of ‘reframing’, and maybe it is … but in my experience, it only works when it is born from a truth that people can immediately relate too, so even if that is the case, it’s still better than 95% of the stuff our industry has done.

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you need to fucking get out more. only thing in your defense is the sort of nightclubs you like are the ones where the bouncers throw people in to make up the fucking numbers.

Comment by andy@cynic

Proof why planners are crap right here. Thanks Rob.

Comment by DH

Adding value to arguments since 1970.

Comment by Rob

By the way Rob, did you know hotel receptionists are there to book you in AND check you out. Another dual purpose role. Amazing eh?

Comment by DH

oh course he fucking doesnt, he has people for that shit.

Comment by andy@cynic

I agree with everything in this post, but the example is not one of your best Rob.

Comment by Pete

Well I had never looked at bouncers that way either Robert so it appears planners (excluding Peter) are good at spotting everything except the blindingly obvious.

Comment by George

You’re right. I also now officially hate/am jealous of Pete.

Comment by Rob

Insights are truths hiding in plain sight. Not sure this is one.

Comment by John

True … but plain sight is dependent on the people involved having enough knowledge to recognise that. Which is why I might trust a bouncers perspective on what they do/are asked to do more than a man who only attends planner salons in the hippest parts of London.


Comment by Rob

But then you wouldn’t get those Bud Light insights.

Comment by John

Hahahahaha … yes, the less said about that the better.

Comment by Rob

are you 2 fuckers having a romance? get a fucking room and stay in it. with the door double locked.

Comment by andy@cynic

John would love that but I keep saying no.

Comment by Rob

John is consulting his lawyer.

Comment by John

sad fucks.

Comment by andy@cynic

Very drunk people are surely more likely to spend lots of money on drink, spill it and then buy more. That’s why bouncers are on the door and not in management.

Comment by John

I don’t know if that’s the case. Surely very drunk people stop buying and start vomiting. What they want are medium drunk people who don’t recognise the armageddon that it coming their way.

As an aside, I remember watching an interview with The Stereophonics who were asked what their favourite part of the night was and they said,

“I’m always a peak happiness 3 seconds before I realise I’m going to vomit”.


Comment by Rob

My happiest moment is the three seconds before my night is ruined by the intrusion of a Stereophonics song.

Comment by John

Bouncers are there to protect the business in any way they can I guess – stopping violence, disorder and those who will not add to the profit margin. I didn’t really look at it that way either, but it makes sense.

Comment by talkchatter

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