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Creative Security …

For all the talk of creativity, what is often not acknowledges is it starts with the brain.

Regardless whether we make art or come up with a lateral solution to a complex problem … creativity is born from the mind.

Sometimes it’s because we have given something a lot of thought.

Sometimes it’s because we actively choose not to fall into logic and tropes.

Sometimes it’s because we see the world differently.

But at the start of everything interesting, is the brain.

I say this because I read something that a UK supermarket is doing to combat shoplifting.

As is the case in many countries, the UK is suffering from a shoplifting epidemic.

While some of this is from organised gangs, petty thieves and bored-to-fuck teens, the economic situation is forcing people who would never have previously stolen anything, turning to crime to feed their family.

Of course, the Tory Government who got the country in this mess are vilifying these people … and while I am not advocating crime, I don’t advocate people living with hunger, desperation and no future either.

That said, it’s got so bad that – as the picture above shows – even blocks of cheese are now being alarmed, so Waitrose, the British Supermarket, have turned to creativity to help solve their problem.

[I should point out given the profits supermarkets make – especially over COVID – I am also not entirely sympathetic to their ‘struggle’, but I do feel for the people who work there and I like this idea, hence this post]

So based on the view that a Police presence reduces the chance of crime, Waitrose are offering all Police Officers on duty, free coffee.

Their hope is that by having Police cars parked outside and Police officers inside, petty thieves will be deterred from trying to steal.

Of course, given the lack of trust – or fear – so many now view the authorities, maybe it will all be in vain … or worse, will ‘gamify’ the shoplifting experience … but it’s certainly a better and cheaper idea than locking up every single food item.

They’re calling this promotion, ‘thanks a latte’.

Terrible name, interesting idea.

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