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The Endurance Of The Cliche …

When I last went to Cannes, I was inundated with ads from data/tech companies saying how they could get better results.

The problem was the ads were so bad, that you were left thinking ‘they may know data, but they sure as shit don’t know anything about people’.

But there’s another sort of ‘data-based’ ad that is just as bad.

Because while this group do know how to talk to humans, they sure as shit don’t know data.

Have a look at this …

Or this …

Oh the cliche …

The wonderful, joyful cliche.

That thing people say is a cliche “because it’s true”.

And while perception may appear reality, it’s not is it? Not always.

Not all men are crap at fixing things.

Not all people lie to their partner about the price they paid for things.

Not all people are just shit.

And while I am sure the people behind it think it’s just a bit of fun.

And while I accept there may be an element of truth to some of what they say.

It’s just the modern day equivalent of those ads we look at now with shock and contempt.

I get we live in competitive times.

I understand the importance of standing out.

But data that doesn’t relate to humans and cliches that just undermines them don’t do anyone any good. They just – as these ads demonstrate – create the illusion of value.

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