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What Do You Give The Person Who Has Everything?

Gifts are always nice to receive.

You feel a sense of specialness and love and it’s delightful.

Even when you get a gift voucher – which is the equivalent of a bunch of flowers from a petrol station – you kinda are happy, such is the power of the present.

But what if you have to get something for someone who has everything?

Well, I once bought Richard Branson a vanilla latte on his birthday and I can tell you, while he was gracious … he obviously thought, “what the fuck has he got this for me, for?”

Which – ironically – is exactly what Jill said to me when I told her what I’d done.

Well, recently I saw something that may be a solution for you – should you ever find yourself in this predicament. It’s this …

Yes … it’s a computer mouse, with a leather jacket.

And according to Liam, once you’ve used it, you will never go back to a regular, ‘naked’ mouse.

Now this may sound like I’m about to be hypocritical but if someone bought me this – even if I was the richest person in the entire world – I would want to smash them in the face.

Not because it’s bollocks.

Not because if I’m that rich, I’d have someone doing the ‘mousing’ for me.

But because they cost TWO HUNDRED QUID and they refer to themselves as ‘pointer instruments’.


I love how they are trying to elevate the appeal and craftsmanship of what they’re doing by referring to it as an ‘instrument’ … but whatever way you look at it, they’re charging you 200 quid for a shitty mouse wearing a teeny-tiny leather jacket.

But they’re going all in on it.

Read their website and the descriptions of the various products they make.

It’s hilariously depressing, but not as much as the fact they’re selling a ton of them.

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