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Hello 1950’s …

A long time ago, I was incredibly fortunate to meet an old psychology professor who had been told in a Michael Moore documentary.

He told me he’s started teaching in the 60’s and saw his role – and universities – to ignite ideas, debates, thoughts that could change the World.

He was deeply disturbed how over the years, that diversity and energy had been boiled out to be a production line for people who simply aspired to a high paying, white collar job.

I say this because I wonder what he’d think if he saw this …

Seriously, what the hell?

How did no one think this was bad?

How did a university think this was appropriate?

A place of supposedly advanced learning and possibilities now actively promoting the sort of bullshit that is Donald Trump’s wet dream.

Well, there’s good news and bad news.

The good news is the University of Adelaide did not do this.

It’s real … it’s just as sexist … but the association with the University is because of the way the photo was cropped, because they had nothing to do with it.

That’s a relief isn’t it?!

We don’t want our universities perpetuating that sort of bollocks.

However the bad news is the the organisation behind the ad – Renewal SA – are a government agency.

That’s right, the people who are supposedly acting in our interests made this.

Made it and approved it.

I appreciate they may claim that was not the intention of the image … but come on, even Stevie Wonder [Sorry Mr Wonder] could see this is shit and the last place that should be promoting this sort of imagery is a part the government, whose job is to supposedly look after the livelihoods and future of the people they represent.

What on earth were they thinking?

The simple answer is, they weren’t … and that’s one of the reasons this shit keeps happening, with the other being ‘maintenance of control’ and toxic masculinity.

More than that, when I posted the picture on another platform – highlighting that it was NOT from the University of Adelaide, the picture just made it look that way – people kept saying how wrong it was a university was doing this, which meant they just looked at the picture and ignored the words.

A bit like old readers of Playboy. Probably.

I get my words are very ignorable, but it was literally connected to the picture. If they can ignore that – or choose to – what the hell are they doing when/if they read a newspaper?

If only I had the comments section on, I’d be able to look forward to the anonymous comments from men [and it would definitely be men] saying I was virtue signaling or being woke or I’m dismissing the achievements of the male in the ad and am basically being sexist towards him.

That sounds mad doesn’t it … but on the other platform – that does accept comments – I received without irony.

“Now it’s wrong for any man to be knowledgeable and share his knowledge of anything? This is why we are entering the “weak men create hard times” phase.”

Interestingly, they deleted it soon after posting which means they not only knew it was wrong – which makes their action even more pathetic – it serves as a valuable reminder these pricks operate at all levels of society and hide their misogyny in the shadows, rather than place it on an advertising billboard.

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