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Nothing Is More Appropriate Than Valentines Day Falling On A Monday …
February 14, 2022, 8:00 am
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Valentines Day.

The day of fear, disguised as love.

The day where society has been culturally bullied into making excessive expressions of adoration at hugely inflated prices.

OK, I appreciate I sound a total bastard … but I just find the whole thing ridiculous.

Maybe in the days where it was supposed to be anonymous, it had something going for it – though maybe these days, that qualifies as stalking – but now it’s just the worst example of marketing exploitation.

Oh I can hear the arguments …

“It makes sure there’s at least one day in the year where people feel loved and appreciated by others”.

It’s the same excuse that created Fathers Day, Mothers Day and god knows what else the flower/card industry came up with.

I remember when Earth Hour started to great fanfare.

For just one hour, turn off all power to save the planet.

And people did do it.


An act of symbolism that achieved absolutely fuck all in changes of behaviour or changes to the climate. It was the ultimate act of convenience activism.

But to be fair, Earth Hour did want to change that.

They wanted to a bigger impact than simply awareness.

And can you remember what they did?

They added a + sign to their name.


Having Valentines Day on a Monday is perfect because both are days you generally wish didn’t exist but you have to deal with.

The sad thing is love is a wonderful thing.

Yes – as Joy Division once sang – love can tear us apart.

But it is such a beautiful force of power.

It makes you giddy with joy, it makes you feel invincible, it creates safe environments, it gives you the confidence to take risks, it helps overcome barriers, it makes it OK to reveal emotions, it inspires songs and poems and stories …

Love deserves so much more of a celebration than a bunch of $100 flowers and a shitty card.

On a Monday.

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so jill is getting fuck all then.

Comment by andy@cynic

apart from a fucking reminder she married beneath her.

Comment by andy@cynic

I’m impressed at your attempt to make being unromantic, honorable.

Comment by Bazza

he fucking failed.

Comment by andy@cynic

Don’t think for a second that we don’t all see through your implied ignorance of what constitutes stalking and you Bblatant attempt to get out of spending $100 on flowers.

Comment by John

And the winner of Mr Romance 2022 is not Rob Campbell.

Comment by Pete

Ssssssssh everyone.

Comment by Rob

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