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A Story About Systems Vs Humans …

We need systems.

We need them for all manner of how we live.

From ensuring we get our content on Netflix through to ensuring our food is safe.

Systems drive efficiency and effectiveness and are a competitive weapon for business.

But they can also be suicide.

When ‘human centred design’ isn’t that human.

When you focus more on what the system does rather than who it’s for.

When you set rules that become dictatorial rather than accessible.

And while the post below is funny, it’s a good reminder that if you don’t put the needs of people first – rather than what you want the needs of people to be – then you not only run the risk of having to tell your customer/client/colleague “the computer says no”, you may end up calling them a loser … literally and metaphorically.

Worse, the person telling them that is a bitch. Apparently.

Again, literally and metaphorically.

And then you will have invented a new system.

The customer disservice and ineffective model.

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Is that real? Please tell me that is real.

Comment by George

Kinda. Maybe not them exactly but there’s many companies who literally have this approach and enforce it. Which is amazing and terrible all at the same time.

Comment by Rob

Extraordinary. Even more so if they maintained this policy having seen the impact of it.

Comment by Lee Hill

Our staff are our most valuable asset which is why we give them email names like Loser and Bitch.

Comment by Bazza

Hahahaha, good point.

Comment by Rob

What George said.

Comment by Lee Hill

when corporate evil is fucking funny.

Comment by andy@cynic

I knew you’d like this.

Comment by Rob

I worked with a Juliana, last name beginning with ‘L’, email policy was first name+Initial of last name@
We got hers changed. 😉

Comment by StephF

Oh Jesus … hahahaha.

Comment by Rob

I take the point entirely, but do any of you really believe there’s a company called “somesoftwarecorp”?

Comment by John

No … but there’s many real companies who follow exactly this approach and behaviour.

Comment by Rob

That’s why I agreed with the point you were making.

Comment by John

I just discovered I am a prime candidate to buy London bridge from a gentleman in a bar. It has been a long day.

Comment by George

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