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Love Is Lazy …

I found this photo recently.

It’s a few years old, when we lived in London … but there’s something about it that just warms my heart.

Not just because it features my son – though that helps – but because it in a period of pandemic chaos, it shows how love can make everything OK.

Covid had just taken hold.

We were all confined to home.

No one was offering any clarity.

People were dying at unprecedented numbers.

And Otis desperately needed his hair washing.

However …

… he was also playing a video game he absolutely didn’t want to stop playing so – because his world had been turned completely upside down – his wonderful, kind, considerate Mum found a way for him to keep playing while she could do some hair washing.

Obviously it is an utterly ridiculous way to do things, but it’s my ridiculous.

A moment of twisted normality at a time where nothing felt normal whatsoever.

And while I appreciate this is an utterly indulgent photograph, I love the way he seems oblivious to his surroundings. His little legs stretched out to the tip of his toes. And a kitchen that has been rapidly turned into a school, a playroom and a hairdressers all at the same time.

While we were painfully aware of the privileged position we were in – from having an income to having a teeny garden to escape in – the fear of COVID was starting to take a hold which is why, as I look at that photo today, I realise how much my ridiculously beautifully family let me feel we were strong together at a point where everything was feeling like it was falling apart.

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He is wonderful.

Comment by Mary Bryant

He is. A little legend. And I’m not biased at all. Hahaha.

Comment by Rob

little prince. where the fuck do you think he got that from?

Comment by andy@cynic

What’s the betting Rob is trying to grow his 3 hairs so he can do this?

Comment by DH

Tried. Failed.

Comment by Rob

Hahahahaha … bastard.

Comment by Rob

truth hurts.

Comment by andy@cynic

I knew you were sentimental, but who would have thought Mr Grumpy Asshole could be almost sweet?

Comment by DH

But not sweet enough to wash his own sons hair.

Comment by Bazza

I admit, I would probably not be so considerate as to wash his hair in a sink just so he could continue playing his game. Which is ironic given I am absolutely positive that as a kid, I probably begged my parents to let me finish a game before I had to do whatever it is they wanted me to do. Hahaha.

Comment by Rob

Liar. Games weren’t invented when you were a kid.
If you were a kid.

Comment by Billy Whizz

campbell wasnt born, he was made.
in a lab. by satan.

Comment by andy@cynic

Thanks for all your support. Really appreciate it.

Comment by Rob

When was that photo taken? Isn’t that 3 houses back? Did you ever imagine that when you took the photo?

Comment by Bazza

I think it was around April 2020 … so while we knew we were going to move from that house at some point, we never thought we would go to the country and then move to another country.

Amazing how these things can happen.

Comment by Rob

For most people it would be amazing, but I have come to expect it with you. I’m not being sarcastic, you move countries with a level of openness and ease that is pretty inspiring. I have only done it twice and the stress it put me under was great. I admire you for it. Especially Jill and Otis who then have to deal with it. ; )

Comment by Pete

What Pete said. But without the compliment to you Rob. But you guessed that.

Comment by Bazza

Otis is so adorable. So is Jill. This is a lovely story Robbie.

Jemma xoxo

Comment by Jemma King

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