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We All Need Someone …

It’s easy to think some people can have whatever they want.

That they have the money to buy whatever they choose.

Or the business empire to create whatever they desire.

And while it’s no doubt easier to have things when you’ve got things … the reality is everyone – rich or poor – needs someone at some point in their life.

My Dad always said if you know people, you’re rich … and while mortgages can’t be paid in Linkedin contacts, I do understand what he meant.

When I look at my career, I realise so many of the opportunities I have enjoyed have come because of people I worked with or met along the way.

That doesn’t mean I had things handed to me on a plate – or no more than any other white, male has had that as an advantage – it just means because of the breadth of people I know, I’ve been able to do things that others may never have had the chance to experience.

While I think I’m pretty good at what I do, I am under no illusion I’m special – and yet I’ve been able to do so much that were beyond my expectations, whether that’s living around the World or working with Metallica – which highlights how much of life is down to luck.

In my case, while I didn’t go to a private school or a fancy university [or any university for that matter] I was born a white male … which means I was already hugely advantaged with ‘luck’ where life was concerned.

While this could easily become a rant about how fucking unfair this is – especially if you’re a Person of Colour or a female or gay or someone who does not identify themselves by male/female identity – I’m going to be writing about that next week, so I’ll end this week with the point this post was originally meant to have.

Recently I came across a letter from the writer John Steinbeck to Marilyn Monroe.

While it reinforces my point about the value of knowing people, the reason I’m writing about it is because it’s just beautifully written and shows a side of celebrity rarely seen.

Somewhere along the line, we seem to think all celebs know each other. Hanging out in each other’s pools and houses. Well, while it may be true now [it’s not] it certainly wasn’t true then – as this lovely letter to start your weekend by, clearly shows.

Have a great one.

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As my Dad always said, to be successful in life … it’s not what you know or even who you know, but what you know about who you know..

Comment by Rob

your old man taught you well, youre a fucking blackmail master. prick.

Comment by andy@cynic

That letter is magnificent.

Comment by Pete

How could anyone resist?

Comment by George

Shed managed to.

Comment by John

And that’s probably why the nephew (who is still alive) became a minister.

Comment by John

Did she? Not even a picture?
God works in mysterious ways.

Comment by George

I am assuming you meant a minister of religion not politics.

Comment by George


Comment by John

waiting for that racist fuck to lose his fucking mind when he reads this post. or he would if he had one, the small minded, racist wanker.

Comment by andy@cynic

Excellent points Robert, but don’t discount how hard you worked hard for your luck.

Comment by George

he didnt work fucking hard for any of the fucking freebie plane tickets,

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by George

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