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How To Lose Friends And Alienate People …
May 25, 2021, 8:00 am
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So a few weeks ago we were talking about the movie ‘Love Actually’ at work.

I absolutely detest this film.

Yes, the opening scene is sweet, but after that, we’re subjected to a movie of such schmaltz that it would make someone with a sweet-tooth feel sick.

Any movie that can make affairs, attempts at adultery, death, precocious kids, a Prime Minister that makes Boris Johnson look capable feel like a birthday party is seriously horrible.

And yet millions like it.

Not everyone.

But millions.

Including many at work.

Which is why I sent the below all staff email to my new colleagues …

… only to get so many responses saying they were fans, that I am not sure there is anyone left in NZ for me to talk to.

My pain, their gain.



The people you work with are smarter than the people who hired you.

Comment by DH


Comment by Bazza

thats the fucking truth.

Comment by andy@cynic

You think I’m going to disagree with you???

Comment by Rob

i admire that you accept youre the luckiest fucker ever.

Comment by andy@cynic

Someone who likes Queen and bad fashion has no right to say what is or isn’t a good movie.

Comment by Bazza

You like Love Actually?

Comment by DH

you fucking sad twat.

Comment by andy@cynic

Oh Baz … this explains EVERYTHING!!!

Comment by Rob

I don’t like it, I just reserve the right to criticize Rob for it.

Comment by Bazza

Robert. It’s a classic.
Not as good as 4 Weddings, but still entertaining.

Comment by Lee Hill


Comment by Rob

I recently came across a few market research reports trying to dissect the movies. Why do I feel the way movies are being analysed or tested using traditional market research thinking – logical analysis – is so wrong?

I would also like to hear your opinion about some of the “thought leadership” articles that we see more and more from market researchers, especially those pitching themselves to be “non-traditional” researchers. Why do I get the feeling that:

1) Some start out alright with interesting insights, but the recommendation seems to be “rushed out” or reverting back to the “traditional way” of basing recommendations on the opposites of what is not done well and repeating consumers’ needs/wants?

2) Over-thinking or rationalisation of creative works:

Comment by Jackson

Market researchers who write strategic thought leadership pieces are not market researchers.

Comment by George

I worked for a year at Millward Brown (market research) before switching to Landor then Superunion, and now operating my own shop. Market research is an environment that stifles new ideas. People who want to stay and do good work by bringing changes will be discouraged or ostracized. So you see these people work independetly or change industry completely. I remember reading a Medium article some time ago about an insider’s criticism on the industry. The author was very critical of market researchers’ mentality.

Comment by Jackson

I should people who produced articles like the above – ie people who stay in market research agencies – are the ones who still live in a bubble no matter how much they try to present to the outside world that they are different from traditional research agencies.

Comment by Jackson

You have all the characteristics to belong on this blog Jackson. That’s meant as a compliment but I am unsure whether it comes out as one. ; )

Comment by Pete

Ha. You should have a look at my ex-boss’ Google’s review on market researchers. She has become so fed up that she now works on the client-side on something completely irrelevant to market research so that she will never have to see market researchers again. What she said is what I experienced.,114.1797903,17z/data=!4m7!3m6!1s0x34040057023a0791:0xb1b87413ba417198!8m2!3d22.277199!4d114.181979!9m1!1b1

Comment by Jackson

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